Published on Oct 15, 2018


A trouble has happened in this local zoo. The problem is that all the animals have escaped and you are the only one who can help. Your task is to find all the animals in this fun hidden-object game. In each level you should click on the lost animals and items. Do your best in this amazing online flash game! Have fun!

If you have a romantic personality, then you will definitely enjoy playing this game! The captivating Love in Disguise game tells you story about two lovers, who have decided to meet at the carnival. They asked each other to put an unusual, interesti...

Love in Disguise
583 plays

A couple of friend went on a trip and planned to spend an amazing time in the sea of Bohamra. The journey was really great and they enjoyed the beauty of the nature. A group of young people had constant parties and fun! Suddenly, the storm started an...

Island of Meor
300 plays

A captivating game about Atlantis. You have found yourself stuck in Atlantis. You were made to go there by the captain, after he had spotted something under your submarine. The main task is to get out there. Find clues, solve puzzles and have a great...

Amazing Escape Atlantis
910 plays

One more interesting and captivating puzzle game for jigsaw game lovers! This time your objective is make the pices of the puzzle change their places and to get a picture of Rover car in result. Use your mouse for dragging the pieces and press Ctrl+L...

Rover Jigsaw
491 plays

Treasure Falls is an amazing online flash game, in which your task is to collect treasures. The story is that you have found magical waterfalls, in which you can find lots of different values. Have fun! ...

Treasure Falls
497 plays

Knight Trap is a retro online flash game, in which you must show all your braveness and smartness in order to lead your knights to the finish. Be careful, avoid dangerous traps. Enjoy!...

Knight Trap
662 plays

Glasses is a brand new mosaic online flash game. You should use all your imagination and brain skills in order to win. Your task is to create a picture from different glass pieces. You can even rotate these pieces. Place unusable glasses in the trash...

524 plays

In the Electroshock online flash game your task is to compare to pictures and to find out all the differences between them. Click on the difference to confirm it. But, don’t hurry up, because with every wrong click you lose 10 points and the third ...

Electroshock - Spot the Difference
496 plays