Zombie Fight Club

Zombie Fight Club

Warzone 2060

Warzone 2060
Zombie Warrior Man 2 Zombie Warrior Man 2
Zombie Warrior Man 2

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Published on 23, 2018


Zombie Warrior Man wants revenge on his captors and the evil doctor that made him this way! Zombie Warrior Man 2 takes no prisoners!!!

Everyone was cracking jokes at you, thinking that you were a real fool to build an anti-zombie bunker. As it turned out one nice day, the apocalypse has happened! Thanks to your paranoia, you have everything that is required to vanquish zombies. Use ...

Antizombie Bunker
182 plays

Create your own outstanding costume of a real hero and eliminate all those enemies. There will be a lot of evil witches, wicked goblins, foul zombies and so on. To cut short, there will be a lot of fun and pure entertainment. Are you in for the party...

Zombie Balloon Heads Halloween
331 plays

Survive Apocalypse is a brand new amazing online flash game, in which your task is to survive as long as possible. The problem is that there is a zombie apocalypse and after it a lot of zombies come on the streets of your city. Your task is to protec...

Survive Apocalypse
351 plays

Zombie Hero places you in the hands of gun shop merchant George Thompson, as he fights back against the zombie horde that has taken over his city! Team up with allies from the city, upgrade your guns, build barriers and smash zombies! Help George mov...

Zombie Hero
343 plays

A strange woman was lying on the street and the cop thought that some accident occurred. As it turned out, she became a zombie! Soon, he finds out that the whole city is overcrowded with the evil undead! Your mission is to aid him in running out of t...

Zevil 2
277 plays

There are good vampires too and they have a big wish to see the sun. Will you help one of such poor creatures? He has been wandering in the darkness for many long years and now, he wishes to see the desired shiny star. Help the vampire to get out of ...

the Sun for the Vampire 2 Monsters Castle
380 plays

Zombies are coming from all the sides! Be ready to fight until death! Be fast and active to stay alive. Use keyboard arrow to move and press space bar to shoot. Get rid of all the angry zombies! If everything is clear, press "Play" and enjoy our Zomb...

Zombie Waster
291 plays

This is the fifth part of the exciting online flash game about the true gang. Help Vinnie, Shorty and Kiro to kill all the mercenaries in the deep Amazonian rain forest. Use all your brain skills in order to save three friends. Have fun!...

Sift Heads World Act 5 An Exotic Job
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