Swimming Race

Swimming Race

Obama vs Zombies

Obama vs Zombies
Zombie Blitz Zombie Blitz

Published on 23, 2017


Even back in the 60s they struggled with the odd zombie infestation. Help defend the town and try not to get bitten!

Play a part of a Halloween reaper with the number one task to take skulls of the army of dead to the other world. The mission is hard, yet possible to accomplish. Steer over dangerous plains and spooky hills, awesome levels and complicated tasks to c...

Halloween Monster Transporter
15 plays

In this brand new flash game you play as a Dead Rider and you task is to perform various tricks on the streets. Your main aim is to reach finish as fast as possible, but don’t forget to make extreme stunts, jumps and tricks. Collect all the coins o...

Dead Rider
120 plays

Because of great zombie infestation that had spread worldwide, there had been created a special international committee to deal with the undead. There are two specially trained warriors – a man and a woman. They are to destroy all the zombies. Star...

Zombies Dead Land
160 plays

One more game from the tower defense series is coming! In the Feel This Paint online game you have to shoot these awful mutant monsters with paint. Take your paintball gun with colourful bullets and have a blast! Make their bodies colourful and destr...

204 plays

It is unbelievable, but the war against zombies can take place even on paper! In this funny action game, your main task is as usually to destroy all the evil undead. They will be pushing on you from all the directions. Get ready for a serious struggl...

Zombie War on Paper
131 plays

Do you like online flash games, in which you are the only one, who can save the humanity from a disaster? If your answer is yes, then you must try this brand new online flash game called Cream The Last Chance. Your objective in this apocalyptic world...

Cream The Last Chance
107 plays

Wheels and Zombies is an easy but cool online game, in which you will have to compete with zombies. Race and fight with them in order to win the game! Do your best to earn points! Collect and spend them on various upgrades for your car! Have fun! ...

Wheels and Zombies
107 plays

We are glad to present you one more zombie shooter online flash game. Aarrggbb is not a simple shooter, because you must use your brains kills too in order to pass the levels. Match the same color bullets to the same color zombies to shoot them down....

130 plays