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Carrot Fantasy Extreme 2


Word Search 65 Word Search 65

Published on 17, 2017


Do you like online flash game, in which your objective is to find the hidden words? If your answer is yes, then you for sure try this brand new online flash game called Word Search 65. As you have understood, there are 65 levels with different difficulty. Every next level will be harder to pass than the previous one. Pay attention to the fact that it is a relaxing online flash game, so it has no time limits. Enjoy the game!

We have good news for all the fishing online flash games fans. Try our brand new game, but instead of fish you must catch fairies. Try getting as many fairies as you can in a short time to win. Pay attention to the fact that you can catch 5 fairies o...

Fairy Fishing
104 plays

We are glad to present you a very simple but exciting online flash game. Your task is to draw lines in order to help your miner-like friend to collect all the coins. Be careful, because deadly spikes are chasing you, so try not to stop for too long. ...

132 plays

We give you a great possibility to try yourself in our brand new online flash game called Unicycle Challenge. As you have understood from the name of this game, your task is to reach the finish on the unicycle. Don`t think that it will be an easy tas...

Unicycle Challenge
103 plays

Get ready for this icy version of our bloody series! This Expesion contains 10 new missions. The fourth game in the action series gives you even more flesh off the bone. A new plot with a new map, more dangerous obstacles to avoid, treasures to find,...

Feed Us 4 - Xmas Xpension
90 plays

Your task in our brand new Color Cleaner flash game is to destroy different blocks in order to make red one fall on the platform. Be careful, avoid falling them out from the screen. In the hacked version all the levels are available for you from the ...

Glasser Hacked
114 plays

In this game, you will have to drive quickly and smartly to find a parking area in this huge city. Come on! The fun is so near!...

City Parking
128 plays

One more exciting and awesome game from the hidden object online games! You will get acquainted with Harry Miller, the only owner of the oldest hotel in this town. He makes a decision to become a pensioner and leave his business to the children. Unfo...

The Legacy Hotel
107 plays

If you enjoy playing dark and scary online games, then this Urbex online game is right for you! You find yourself in the old abandoned factory. Your friend had invited you to come here, but the place looks really creepy! Where is your friend? Why has...

172 plays