Clock Legends - Strawberry's Peggey Hunt

Clock Legends - Strawberry's Peggey Hunt

Twin Cat Warrior 2

Twin Cat Warrior 2
Welcome to 5 Star World Welcome to 5 Star World
Welcome to 5 Star World

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Published on 23, 2018


Welcome to 5 Star World is a very simple online flash game, in which you can choose between two game modes. The first one is the eat mode, in which your task is to eat chocolate as fast as possible. And the other one is the guide mode, in which your task is to guide the dude to the finish. Pay attention to the fact that you will lose, if you fall into the chocolate lake. Good luck!

Doctor Acorn is an exciting online flash game. Your task is to cut ropes, activate bombs and clear your way from dangerous birds. Collect all the acorns for more point score. Have fun! ...

Doctor Acorn
485 plays

Do you like the famous online flash game called Lemmings? If your answer is yes, then you must for sure try this brand new online flash game called Embryo Escape. But this game has a tine difference, the gameplay is a bit different, and you have to s...

Embryo Escape
503 plays

Do you like to construct buildings and different structures? You may try this game to improve your skills and show a top-class. Operate with a crane to place all blocks in the required area to construct a great tower. The higher it will be the better...

Brick Yard 2
491 plays

I Saw Her Too, With Lasers is the sequel of the famous I Saw Her Standing There online flash game. This time two loving zombies have been captured by the crazy scientist in his laboratory. And your task is to connect these two loving hearts. Enjoy! ...

i saw her too, with lasers
468 plays

Meet a captivating and exciting game, in which you should use your brains! Your task is to bounce orbox from block to block to find the exit. You can also complete other missions. You can move this orbox only in four directions. You will lose the gam...

Orbox C
254 plays

Today we are going to do some cool and exciting experiments! Are you ready? The objective of the experiments is to move the ball 8 into the target area. You can use different balls and other objects to help yourself achieve the aim! Bowling balls are...

Successful Experiment
250 plays

Superminimario is the variant of the easy and funny classical Mario game! In this entertaining game your objective is collect gold coins and to earn points. The game is filled with various ridiculous monsters and turtles. Jump on them to get rid of t...

233 plays

You like the famous World of Warcraft online game, but your computer has not got enough power to play it. We have a solution for you! You can try our brand new amazing online flash game called Marlock. The game play and graphics are the same as in Wa...

397 plays