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Kings Win

Field Command 3

Field Command 3
War Bears War Bears

Published on 19, 2018


War Bears is a brand new point and click adventure online game, in which bears are the main characters. The robbers have taken over a bank and even have hostages. There are four bears, which can become real heroes. Each of them has its own special ability. In order to cope with the task, you will need some imagination, smartness and persistence. Enjoy this cool and addictive game!

In the cool and addictive Chase Down online game you will try yourself in the role of a killer. Your task is to find your enemies and get rid of them. Kill them by shooting down! Set a new high score and collect the maximum amount of points! In order...

Chase Down
301 plays

Like bubble-shooter games? Try Kangaroo ball game out! Play the animal, who is about to escape the bubbles just before they come too close! There’s a bubble shooter in your hands! Use it and make sets of 3 and more of the identical color. Receive p...

Kangraoo Ball
191 plays

Welcome Power Rangers! The great heroes and defenders of the Earth are here. Their mission is to destroy all the evil creatures. Use arrow keys to move. Press Z and you will be able to select another Ranger. Use their capabilities to kill the monster...

Power Rangers Transform
6 plays

Do you want to protect the law? You have a fine opportunity to do that driving a patrol car and taking down all the bad guys who are trying to break the law....

Killer Trucks
396 plays

Do you like the famous legends about ancient wars with various monsters? If your answer is yes, then this brand new fighting online flash game is really for you. In this game you play a role of a Romarious, who is a famous warrior. The story is that ...

385 plays

What about a cool bike ride? It is not a regular online ride. It features many levels with tricky situations & settings, stunt challenges, impediments that seem to appear from nowhere. Oh, and you must collect stars while driving! Each successfully c...

Stunt Trials
260 plays

Everybody thinks that penguins are of black and white colour. It is not true! There is an island in Antarctica, where you can find penguins of various colours. They are marvelous and nice, but there is one problem. These penguins need the ice of the ...

Colorful Penguins
235 plays

In this funny and amusing game, you will have an uncommon and entertaining task. You should shoot all those little and cute monsters out of the cannon so that they got back into their boxes. Are you eager to try it already? Mark that you can earn bon...

Monsters Mega Packer Hacked
339 plays