Kings Win

Kings Win

Field Command 3

Field Command 3
War Bears War Bears

Published on 20, 2018


War Bears is a brand new point and click adventure online game, in which bears are the main characters. The robbers have taken over a bank and even have hostages. There are four bears, which can become real heroes. Each of them has its own special ability. In order to cope with the task, you will need some imagination, smartness and persistence. Enjoy this cool and addictive game!

Meet the new season of the famous and beloved Play For your Club online game! Due to the realistic game play, you can enjoy playing soccer and help your team get the victory! Use your keyboard and your mouse to hit the ball and score goals. Prove tha...

Play For Your Club
324 plays

This game requires kind-hearted people who will be glad to help the others. There are many accidents and those who suffer from them. Drive an emergency vehicle round the city and pick up all the injured people. Park correctly to earn additional point...

Medical Emergency
374 plays

There is a great danger coming from the walking sticks that have infested the whole area around. Your only chance to win is to protect your fence and turn it into a solid wall. You won’t have much ammo, still you can purchase more with your earning...

the Walking Stick
325 plays

Riots have broken out on the streets. Use one of your police vehicles to take these criminals down. Leave NOTHING standing! Win back control of the city! Good Luck ...

Killer Trucks 2
246 plays

Do you think that you know the capitals of every country in the world? If your answer is yes, then you must try yourself in our brand new online quiz called World Capital. In this game at first you must give answers on 15 various questions and only t...

World Capital Quiz
506 plays

Aliens Hurry Home 2 is an exciting and cool online game, in which you can try yourself in the role of a cute little alien that travels in galaxy. Unfortunately, his ship crashed and now the alien is in trouble. Your main goal is to do everything poss...

Aliens Hurry Home 2
172 plays

Try our brand new online flash game called Sharp Storm! It is an exciting game with more than ten episodes. You can choose one of three game modes. Your task is to destroy this evil corporation. Shoot all the enemies, who stand on your way to victory...

Sharp Storm
377 plays

Do you remember the famous arcanoid online flash games? If your answer is yes, then you must try this game called Retronoid FS. Your task as usual is to control the pattern and destroy all the bricks with the ball. Try to pick up the power-ups in o...

Retronoid FS
344 plays