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Tricky Rick

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Western Craft
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Published on 08, 2018


Can you fight your way through hordes of enemies in this action-packed Metal Slug-style side scrolling shooter? Survive as long as you can, and don't forget to upgrade!

Have fun and go on adventures with the amazing and cool Ice Ball Slingshot Fun online game! The game takes place in the Ice Hills. Use your slingshot to knock all the frozen polar bears off the platforms and fire balls of ice. Adjust and set your tra...

Ice Ball Slingshot Fun
404 plays

In the Elemantal The Magic Key online game you have a great possibility to try yourself in the mysterious world of magic. This is a very exciting find and click online flash game. Your task is to help Albert, a young magician to restore the Key of Ei...

476 plays

Rebound is an amazing skill-based puzzle online flash game. In this game you must make the metal ball collect all the colored balls and then reach finish. But all you can do is to change the direction of the ball by clicking on the red bars and diver...

204 plays

In Epic Rail you have to get control over the train network system. You have to help the trains get to their places of destination. You can do it by clicking on the glowing junctions and changing the direction of the train. You get the maximim amount...

Epic Rail
476 plays

The driving deal is complex on the road. However, on the off-road it will become more complicated. If you are not afraid of challenges, you should try this great game. Destruct all the aims and succeed in each level. Don’t waste time and try it!...

Off-Road Challenge Destruction
2 plays

Good at parking? Wanna check that? Different car types – different parking tricks. Regular vehicles are something to start with. Drive a car through a city. Don’t crash a thing! Get money from the bank and collect it. A single damage or accident ...

Car Carrier Trailer
572 plays

Have you missed a great and exciting Save The Dummy online game? Now it is back with a brand new holiday theme! Try to get out some tricky situations in more than 25 challenging levels! Help the poor Dummy in this holiday season and do everything pos...

Save The Dummy Holidays
681 plays

The boy is in the locked tunnels. Your task is to help him to get out of there! You have to break the chains by clicking and sliding and to reveal the keys. Be attentive and collect the coins as well. The more coins you get, the points you will recei...

Dungeon Breaker
401 plays