Bar Balance

Bar Balance

The Railway Robot's Road Trip

The Railway Robot's Road Trip
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Published on 17, 2018


Survive a meteorite onslaught in this old-style flying game! Steer your rocket-pack and collect coins and items in the sky while you try and avoid the deadly rocks falling upon you! Collect enough coins while soaring high in the sky to upgrade your equipment and weaponry. Are your flying skills good enough to achieve a high score?


We are glad to present you this brand new point and click online flash game. In Ajaz Bear Escape your task is to help the bear escape from the cage. To do it, you must find all the hidden items, which could be useful for you. Also, you must solve a l...

Ajaz bear escape
556 plays

Those, who pick Truck Champ for leisure or excitement, play on fifteen various levels. They aren’t passive gamers, but true professionals at the wheel of high-powered vehicles. All the trucks are heavy! Any crazy actions or moves are easy to perfor...

Truck Champ
483 plays

One more online flash game like TUG War is coming! In Get On Top your objective is to try to push your opponent in order to win. Do it until he hits the floor with his head. Good luck!...

632 plays

Some cars need to be repaired. Rollover these cars to see what they lack. Send the car to the right station service and get payment for it. Spend your money on different upgrades and promotions. Keep an eye on the track of your customer's satisfactio...

Hot Wheels Drive-Thru Dilemma
878 plays

We are glad to present you the most popular tower defense online flash game without blood and deaths. In our Bloons Tower Defense your task is to build the towers on the appropriate places in order to pop all the balloons before they pass the maze. I...

Bloons tower defense
556 plays

Good news for all who prefer strategies. Waggle 2 is something you will actually like. Manipulate with the creatures on the board and get rid of them. Be fast, because your time is limited. If you fail, you can restart the level. Have luck!...

Waggle 2
421 plays

Try this classic epic game and you won’t be able to turn your face from the screen! Try to earn a million within the shortest terms and set the highest record. Use the novel combinations of tools, upgrade the hammer and do miracles. Don’t waste y...

464 plays

We have good news for find the differences online flash game fans. Try our brand new part called Hummer Differences, in which you must use all you brain skills in order to find 5 differences between two very similar photos of Hummer. Pay attention to...

Hummer Differences
333 plays