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Bar Balance

The Railway Robot's Road Trip

The Railway Robot's Road Trip
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Published on 20, 2017


Survive a meteorite onslaught in this old-style flying game! Steer your rocket-pack and collect coins and items in the sky while you try and avoid the deadly rocks falling upon you! Collect enough coins while soaring high in the sky to upgrade your equipment and weaponry. Are your flying skills good enough to achieve a high score?


We are glad to present you the next part from Slimy Slim online flash game series. The problem is that Slimy Slim was using a teleport and unluckily he has forgotten a password. So the teleport brought him to the wrong destination called The Tower of...

Slimy Slim: Trapped!
141 plays

This is the game of chess, which is only for bright and smart minds. Show how great you are and impress your opponent with perfect game. Entertain!...

Chess MineFields
144 plays

Red Star Fall is a ridiculous online flash game, in which your task is to show your reaction skills. Your task is to avoid the red star falling. Do your best to pass all the levels. Have fun! ...

Redstar Fall
114 plays

This game is looking for a good merchandiser. Can you cope with all the tasks? Head the trucks to the supermarkets and transport there packages. Deliver precisely what each store needs and you will be rewarded with fine and fair sum of money. With th...

Supermarket Supplier
141 plays

We are glad to present you the next part of the famous online flash game called Money Miner. This time miner has left caves and moved to the jungles in order to find treasures. And as you know, there are a lot of dangers in the jungle. Each level has...

Money Miner 2
110 plays

Is Scooby Doo in great trouble again? Well, even if the dog is, he is never alone! His #1 mission is to find all the snacks that he likes so much. A mystery machine is his helping hand today. That is easy. Yet still, you know Scooby… He finds probl...

Scooby Doo's Snack Adventure
2 plays

Bomb the Pirates Pigs is utterly funny game, which you will surely like. Get rid of all rivals and set the highest score. Using super bombs, you should kill all the pigs. The arrow keys will help you to play. Stop wasting your time and launch this ou...

Bomb the Pirate Pigs
149 plays

Here again, your creativity must be summoned. Draw the required shapes and lead red ball or square where it is needed....

Magic Pen
114 plays