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Twist N Fix

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Published on 20, 2017


Twist N Fix is an amazing puzzle based online flash game, in which you must use all your brain skills in order to pass all the levels. Your objective is to create a picture from many pieces as fast as possible in order to set a new high-score. Use your mouse to select a piece and then press left button to turn it. Place it on the the appropriate slot. Pay attention to the fact that the faster you finish the picture, the more score points you will get. Enjoy the game!

There is a limit of time – 60 seconds. Within this minute, you should score as many goals as your mastery will allow you. Enjoy!...

World of Sports
207 plays

Candy Sugar Kingdom is an exciting real time action multiplayer. Choose your character, game mode and go on for candy battles. Defeat all the opponents on the battle field to win. Do your best to set a new high score! Have fun! ...

Candy Sugar Kingdom
135 plays

Run Ninja Run again! That's right ... we've brought back this intense game of skill and reflexes. This time with 14 new mind bending levels, new skills new interactive objects to use, new obstacles to avoid and new stylish moves. Prepare yourself for...

Run Ninja Run 2
145 plays

We have good news for all the Sumo Wrestling fans. Try our brand new online flash game, in which you have a great opportunity to take part in Sumo`s tournament. Your objective is to push all the other sumo wrestlers out of the arena. Try not to get d...

Sumo Slam
128 plays

Super Mario requires your support once again. Do you wish to receive great pleasure from adventures at his side? Then start this fantastic game! Gather all the coins and smash all Goombas to earn additional points. Have fun!...

Mario Goomba World
156 plays

Meet a superb shooter Toxie Radd. You are Joe who is a prisoner in St. Rose. This prison is the center of great pains and sufferings, where human are put to disgusting and painful illegal experiments. All of a sudden, something goes wrong and you com...

Toxie Radd
198 plays

Malachite is a ridiculous online flash game, in which your task is to reach finish in every level. The story takes part in a magic land of marshmallows. Enjoy the game! ...

126 plays

Rabbit Sniper 3 is the sequel of the famous and popular all over the world online game for free! You play as an evil rabbit, who want to get rid of his victims. You have to kill all the people at each leve to complete it. Think creatively and wisely ...

Rabbit Sniper 3
172 plays