Arm of Revenge

Arm of Revenge

Truck Mania

Truck Mania
Twilight BMX Twilight BMX

Published on Nov 20, 2017


Twilight BMX is Side Scrolling Bike Game. In this game a massive tornado is chasing you and all you have on your side is your old trusty bmx bike. Ride your bike on the rough hills and various obstacles as you go for the ride of your life! The aim of the game is to outrun the tornado for as long as possible. You can enhance your end score by using WASD to perform stylish tricks whilst in the air.


Time to protect your land has come! After the epidemic broke out, many brave warriors tried to manage it, yet no one coped with the mission. Now it is your turn. Meet allies and set the plan. Fight and restore the city! Protect those, who survived, f...

253 plays

This is the next part from hidden letters online flash games series. In this game your task is to use all your brain skills in order to find hidden letters on the racing cars. Don’t think that it will be an easy task, because it is quite difficult ...

Racing Cars Hidden Letters
120 plays

The Wooden Dining Room Escape is the sequel of very popular escape-games. This time your brother played a silly joke with you and locked you in the dining room. It can probably be the revenge for the last time, when you closed him in the bedroom. He ...

Wooden Dining Room Escape
154 plays

Angelo Irritati is that person who will always eagerly help you. Nevertheless, in this very game, his irritation could be threatening for anyone. Try to keep him from that state and everything will be fine....

Los Irritatis: the road
159 plays

Found Lost is a brand new mystical online falsh game, in which you must show all you brain skills and braveness. The story is that you are going to your friend`s house. The problem is that you have lost and reached a strange house. Your task is to do...

Found Lost
139 plays

Extreme Car Puzzle is a simple but very exciting and in the same time excellent game to relax. In this game you must use all your imagination and skills in order to create a picture from many pieces. The motif of this game is to see powerful cars. So...

Extreme Car Puzzle
218 plays

An amazing game, in which you can test your Sherlock Holmes skills. Use all your knowledge and intuition to find all the hidden objects. By the way, there are more than 125 hidden items all over the painting. Try yourself in one of two difficulties a...

Hidden Master 7
193 plays

In this football game, your objective is to find all the missing balls and bring them back to their owners. With this, you will spare good sum of money to keep this wonderful kind of sports alive. Keep in your mind that this task is utterly complex. ...

Hidden Football
195 plays