Double Edged

Double Edged

Ghost Guidance

Ghost Guidance
Trickochet Trickochet

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Published on 15, 2018


Use your character to move around and shoot the targets with the balls. Bounce the balls against the environment or the edge of the screen to be able to reach hard targets. Move around, jump or take a leap of faith and try to eliminate all your targets with a single shot each. Luckily you have an indicator showing the approximate direction of your ball, this will help you alot when having to deal with hard to reach targets.


Ultraman is studying at the Circus Troupe. In order to pass the exam and to graduate, you have to complete all the levels of the game. Your task is to jump through ring and to get the key. Collect golden coins on your way to earn points. With the eve...

Ultraman Circus Troupe
220 plays

Have your ever dreamt of becoming a doctor and saving people? With the help of this captivating and interesting Super Sports Surgery Basketbal game you can find out if surgery is your real vocation or not. Become a surge and rescue this poor guy! He ...

Super Sports Surgery Basketbal
5 plays

Twang is a ridiculous online flash game, which is an excellent time killer and which can make your day. The story is that there is a team, which consists only from sumos. The problem is that they cannot find their place on the football field. So, you...

465 plays

Ragdoll Catapult is a simple but very ridiculous online flash game. Your task is to launch ragdoll at the target using your catapult. Have fun!...

462 plays

Your task in our brand new Meet the Queen flash game is to help the Lover Prince to find his queen. Reach the queen and don’t forget to collect all the canopies on your way. The main problem are different soldiers, avoid them if you want to pass th...

Meet the Queen
511 plays

Share one of the most important days of Jenny with Jenny Jockey Adventures! Today is a great day: she has a race. Jenny has been waiting and has been training for this tournament for several years! The moment has come! Big Bowl Hippodrome is waiting ...

Jenny Jockey Adventures
444 plays

NY Cab Driver is an amazing online flash game, which gives you a possibility to try yourself as a real taxi driver in NY. Do your best to earn as much money as possible and make your passengers satisfied. Enjoy the game! ...

NY Cab Driver
666 plays

In this brand new exciting game your task is to kill all the zombies. Move the object to the right side and with the appropriate power in order to kill them all. Pay attention that for the headshot kills you earn more score points. In the hacked vers...

Zombie Physics Hacked
435 plays