Ninja Trainer

Ninja Trainer

Imperfect Balance

Imperfect Balance
Towerburg Towerburg

Published on 19, 2019


Your mission, given by none other than the King, is to build a new settlement so that he can expand his kingdom. Build your tower block by block and try to be as accurate as possible to get extra bonus points. Save your kingdom and you will be rewarded with riches and power. Fail to build it and the enemies will prevail and take over the kingdom.


Running Sushi is ridiculous online flash game. Your task is to reach finish avoiding your enemies. Other kinds of sushi will help you in difficult situations. Be careful, you have only three lives on each level. Have fun!...

240 plays

Here, your goal is to get the ball to the point of destination. To do that, you have to rotate different platforms. You can choose between two modes – Basics and Time. Pick up any and start the fun....

Rotate 360
235 plays

This is the second part of the famous online flash game called the Brave Heart. In this game you can test your reaction skills. Your task is to kill all the enemies on the screen in three minutes. If even one enemy is left, you will lose one life. Pa...

Brave heart 2
539 plays

Science is a dangerous thing. Nobody knows what it can cause. In this game, the scholars have opened the door to alien world and its inhabitants desire to murder the whole humankind. Bob is the Guard of the Earth and he must kill all those huge alien...

Bob the Guard of Earth
2224 plays

Five Camping Tips is a breathtaking and awesome adventure online game, in which you get an opportunity to visit the wild nature and look for various cool things in the camp. Enjoy the game! ...

716 plays

We are glad to present you this amazing arcade online flash game called Mr. Figgles. In this game you must control and guide Mr. Figgles and grab all the stars in each level in order to pass it. Pay attention to the fact that your time is limited and...

Mr Figgles
278 plays

The Chinese believe and say that if you wish to obtain something, the only way to do that is to labor hard. Therefore, Robin has to work hard. In his boyhood, he has been trying to hit the apple. Consequently, your target in this game is to shoot all...

Robin Shoot Apple
1270 plays

Evil and greedy hunters want to get baby seals. You are a good Polar Bear who is a great defender. Kill those wicked hunters and become a hero!...

260 plays