Effing Worms

Effing Worms
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The Worlds Easyest Game

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Published on Oct 16, 2018


Do you like action? And what about epic? Then you should definitely try this fascinating game! Your objective is to win answering some 100 simple questions. Do you think you can cope with them? You will be given nine chances to find that out. Believe us, the things are simpler than you can imagine. Just try and you will never regret that.

Canyon Shooter is an amazing online flash game, in which you must show all your shooting skills. Your task is to kill all the enemies in the canyon to unlock the next level. Use WASD keys to control the parachute and your mouse to aim and shoot. Good...

Canyon Shooter
582 plays

Have you ever dreamt of being a knight of a certain kingdom? Then, you are lucky to find this game. Help your allies to defeat enemies. Don’t forget to upgrade your character. Pass all the level and become a king! Good luck, your future Majesty!...

A Saviors Tale
551 plays

Do you have a good intuition? Your task is to try yourself as a sapper. Deactivate all these dangerous bombs to get a maximum amount of points!. But be careful, try to not injure yourself! Good luck!...

Bomb Disposal
574 plays

Try yourself in the role of a thief with our brand new Go Repo online game! Your objective is to take various stuff from the people houses and throw it into your van. Switch between 3 characters to complete the task. Use arrow keys or W A S D buttons...

815 plays

Glassworks is an amazing adventure online flash game, in which your character has special gloves, which give him the power to climb up and down the glass works. Your objective is to reach finish and collect all the green beams on your way. Make your ...

575 plays

The ones, who enjoy playing various scrolling shooter online games, will definitely love Air War 1941. You play as a pilot of the fighter plane and you fight against your enemies. Don’t forget to collect coins and medals. You can use them later on ...

Air War 1941
341 plays

Meet a funny and breathtaking bouncing ball game called Super Bouncy Quest! The game has 55 challenging quests, cool missiona and a great variety of different environments. Your main goal is to activate various buttons and in result to change environ...

Super Bouncy Quest
235 plays

Hometown Hero is a funny online flash game. This game is unique, because you must create your own game before playing. Do your best in order to make addictive to play levels and don’t forget to share it with your friends. Enjoy the game! ...

Hometown Hero
219 plays