Effing Worms

Effing Worms
The Worlds Easyest Game The Worlds Easyest Game
The Worlds Easyest Game

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Published on Dec 17, 2018


Do you like action? And what about epic? Then you should definitely try this fascinating game! Your objective is to win answering some 100 simple questions. Do you think you can cope with them? You will be given nine chances to find that out. Believe us, the things are simpler than you can imagine. Just try and you will never regret that.

What’s player’s main objective? He is to fill the blood meter to move to another level. To succeed he controls dangerous monster fish and collects all blood from multiple innocent victims, who dares to swim in a mysterious lake....

Feed us 4 Xmas
490 plays

A special edition of the beloved and famous all over the world Gold Miner game from the puzzle series is coming! Your main goal is to explore the depth of the Earth and find as many treasures as possible. Use your claw and reel to find gold and diamo...

Gold Miner Special Edition
414 plays

Your father is so cool! You want to follow his steps and to take a lot over him. So, your task is to defeat all other children on this playground. Be like your father, be the best fighter! Try this awesome and interesting game! Good luck!...

Dad N Me
448 plays

Pro Skate is a realistic urban Skate Boarding Game. Play by skate boarding your way through the levels and performing various tricks. Try jumping up onto the railings and other obstacles collecting the stars along the way for extra points. Falling of...

Pro Skate
360 plays

Check how quick your reflexes are in this other universe. You are a fish where you have to destroy to survive in this endless 1 player or two player game ...

Fish and Destroy Y8
725 plays

Do you like online flash games, in which you must use your entire puzzle solving skills? If your answer is yes, then our brand new online flash game called Smart Stick is really for you. It is an exciting fantasy puzzle-based online flash game. Do yo...

Smart Stick
405 plays

This cute little kitten needs milk. Help it to find it. Start it right now!...

Milk Quest
513 plays

One more breathtaking and exciting parking game! This time you have to drive an American bus and park it at the bus stops, which highlighted and marked with stripes. Drive carefully! Avoid crashing into the other cars not to lose the game. If you don...

American Bus
521 plays