Effing Worms

Effing Worms
The Worlds Easyest Game The Worlds Easyest Game
The Worlds Easyest Game

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Published on 17, 2018


Do you like action? And what about epic? Then you should definitely try this fascinating game! Your objective is to win answering some 100 simple questions. Do you think you can cope with them? You will be given nine chances to find that out. Believe us, the things are simpler than you can imagine. Just try and you will never regret that.

This exiting game is similar to the beloved monopoly. Nonetheless, it has some interesting puzzles on every turn. You will have to put to usage your wits to resolve all those puzzles. Therefore, get prepared for a real test! Get as many points as you...

210 plays

If you are a fan oh physics-based online games, then you will love the Morphing game! If you want to morph into the objects, you need just to click on them. Do your best to complete the tasks in all the levels and pass the game! The game is played wi...

307 plays

Do you like mahjong online flash games? If your answer is yes, then you must for sure try our brand new online flash game called Halloween Mahjong Connect. As you have understood, this game is made in the Halloween style but the rules are the same as...

Halloween Mahjong Connect
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Do you remember famous online flash game called Zuma? If your answer is yes, then you must try our brand new online flash game called 8 Planets, which is very similar to Zuma. Good luck! ...

8 Planets
219 plays

If you are a pokemon fan, then you will get 100% pleasure while playing our new Pokemon flash game. Control the famous Pikachu, collect the Poke balls and try to find all pokemons to create a collection. Help Pikachu to kill all the enemies, who stan...

New Pokemon
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Meet a fantastic and extremely exciting Red Extinction game availbale online and for free! You will play as a deadly dangerous virus. Your task is to defeat your enemies and bosses. Earn points and spend them on various powerups and upgrades. You can...

371 plays

Warriors are known for being experienced, courageous, invincible… A fighter with such characteristics is in great need in The Last Path! With professional weapon at his disposal he fights back and attacks, pursues strategies and makes great strides...

The Last Path
177 plays

Meet this addictive and captivating Level Up Parking online game! Master and challenge your driving skills while driving along the roads of the future! With every level the roads will get higher and higher. Aren't you afraid of driving at high altit...

Level Up Parking
240 plays