Desert Attack

Desert Attack

Gunmaster Onslaught

Gunmaster Onslaught
The Last Fight The Last Fight
The Last Fight

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Published on Nov 22, 2017


In the last fight you are a commando of TLF squad, you are dropped onto an enemy base on a different planet. Your mission is to destroy the base by killing everyone there. You have your machine gun and can shoot in every direction, you can also see incoming enemy fire and can avoid it by jumping over bullets or lying down. If you get shot and are low on health, collect the health packs to help regain health. Also beaware of the beasts that live in dark caves.


Panda Honey Adventures is an exciting and captivating e-mail thinking online game, in which your main goal is to find a cute panda. Do your best and collect all the pots full of honey! Use your keyboard to play this game. Set the direction with the h...

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Try this brand new second part of the beloved online flash game called Vortex Point. As in the previous part, you play as a paranormal investigator. This time you will investigate strange disappearance of the boy. The story is that he has been taking...

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One more amazing game from the classical Mahjong game series! In the Chinese Dragon Mahjong game you have to demonstrate your thinking skills and wit! Do your best to match the pairs, conquer the boards and win! Use your mouse to play the game. Enjoy...

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Draw the platform in such way that mustache smileys do not fall outside the screen. You can draw platforms only in particular zones and each action will be duplicated outside. The game is complex enough. Have luck!...

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Do you like to ride the BMX and perform various tricks? If your answer is yes, then our brand new online flash game called BMX Extreme is really for you. Navigate the bike using the arrow keys and perform tricks using Z,X and C keys to gain extra poi...

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Smash the swine is an exciting game full of competition spirit. Your task is to smash swines` heads with heavy items. Fight hard and deal more damage than your opponent in order to win. Have fun! ...

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Do you remember the famous online flash game called Simon Says? If your answer is yes, then you will for sure like our brand new online flash game called Musical Piggy. The objective is almost the same as in Simon Says. It means that you must use all...

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Face your enemy mech on the battle field! Your objective is simple: you have to defeat your opponent in this astonishing fighting game. Use your weapon to attack the enemy and don't forget to upgrade it. If you want to get a victory, you have to cont...

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