Desert Attack

Desert Attack

Gunmaster Onslaught

Gunmaster Onslaught
The Last Fight The Last Fight
The Last Fight

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Published on 18, 2018


In the last fight you are a commando of TLF squad, you are dropped onto an enemy base on a different planet. Your mission is to destroy the base by killing everyone there. You have your machine gun and can shoot in every direction, you can also see incoming enemy fire and can avoid it by jumping over bullets or lying down. If you get shot and are low on health, collect the health packs to help regain health. Also beaware of the beasts that live in dark caves.


The city needs your help! Plenty of tanks have overcrowded it and you ought to eliminate them from the streets....

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R.I.F.T. is an amazing online flash game, in which you play a role of a servant robot. This game is very similar to the famous Super Mario flash game. Your objective is to bring the cake to your master. Pick up boxes and crates to help you reach high...

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Welcome to the Neo Race! You will take part in a lot of races in this captivating game. Your main goal is to demonstrate and to prove that you are the fastest, the best and the strongest. It is not that easy and you have to train hard to become an ul...

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Denudation is a very simple but exciting online flash game, which has been made only in 48 hours. Don’t think that it is bad, because you will be really satisfied. Use all your fighting skills in order to kill all the enemies. Also, you must destro...

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Sum Points: Levels Pack is one captivating game from the thinking and logic game series, in which your task is to set value of the target tiles to zero. You can achieve your aim by placing substraction tiles in the necessary places. Blue and red circ...

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Check your accuracy in this ridiculous game. Your objective is to keep balance with the food tray. Don’t let it fall on the ground and deliver it to the customer....

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The Viking is a brand new amazing online flash game, in which you play a role of a mighty Viking. Your task is to kill all the knights one by one with your axe. Don’t think that it will be an easy task, because your opponents are really strong. Enj...

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Underworld Rush is an amazing racing and adventure online flash game. The story is that you play as a bot, who has been typing a message while driving. As you have understood, he has crashed his car and appeared in some dark tale. Your objective is t...

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