Friendly Fire TaD

Friendly Fire TaD
That's my Moon That's my Moon

Published on Nov 19, 2017


We are glad to present you our brand new defense shooter online flash game called That's My Moon. In this game you must use all your aiming abd shooting skills in order to kill all the enemies one by one. Don't think that it will be an easy task, becasue they will do everything they can in order to invade the moon. Pay attention to the fact that you will get money for every killed invader, which you can spend in the shop on new better weapons and various upgrades. Have fun!

In Airway Battle you can try yourself as a real pilot. The story is that you are on the enemy’s territory, so you must to destroy everything on your way. Do your best to stay alive as long as possible. Be careful, at the end of each level you must ...

Airway Battle
169 plays

This is a hacked version of famous City Smasher. Now you can destroy everything on your way without any time limits! Have a blast!...

City Smasher Hacked
176 plays

Cyber Ortek Flier is a captivating and exciting online game, in which you can try yourself in the role of a drone destroyer and explore the space fulfilling your mission! You play as a half robot – half dragon creature, whose main objective is to f...

Cyber Ortek Flier
129 plays

Deadly Neighbors 2 is an exciting and captivating online game, in which your main goal is to protect your family from your evil neighbours. They show their support to the favourite political party. They can hurt you and don’t even notice it. Be rea...

Deadly Neighbors 2
180 plays

Streets of Z is one more exciting zombie shooter online flash game. Use all your shooting skills and available weapon to clear you native town from zombies. Do your best in order to become a new hero. Good luck!...

Streets of Z
157 plays

Head Smashing World Cup 2014 is a great ridiculous online flash game for those, who hate football. As you have understood, you must smash famous football players heads' such as: Messi, Riberi, Ronaldo and many others. Pay attention to the fact that y...

HeadSmashing World Cup 2014
127 plays

We are glad to present you this brand new online flash game called Discount Mayonnaise. It is a very simple but exciting online flash game, in which you play as a nasty white monster with the gun. And your task is to collect all the coins and reach f...

Discount Mayonnaise
143 plays

You don't mess with the Zohan is a brand new exclusive online flash game, which is the sequel of the famous film. Try it and entertain with Zohan! ...

You don't mess with the Zohan
387 plays