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Sugar Island Sugar Island
Sugar Island

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Published on Dec 17, 2018


Sugar Island is a brand new online flash game, in which you can easily improve your strategy and fighting skills. The story is that you play a role of a Viking. The problem is that a Sugar king and his mighty forces have come to your island in order to conquer it. The legends says that Sugarking is immortal but always remember that Odin`s power is with you, so nobody can defeat you. There are 9 amazing and challenging stages and one of them is a survival stage, in which you must use all you fighting skills in order to survive as long as possible. Don’t forget to pick up various power-ups, which will give you extra help and strength. Do your best if you want to unlock all the achievements. Pay attention to the fact that with every level new power-ups, enemies and even achievements will be available for you. Good luck!

If you are fond of strategy online games, then Off The Rails is right for you! Your objective is to get to end of the railroad on your cart. Do your best not to get crashed and to hit any shells, rocks or animals. Don't let your cart explore of you w...

Off The Rails
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Cubefield is a funny online flash game, which is very similar to the racing online flash games. Your task is to navigate a triangle through millions squares. Do your best in order to avoid hits. Try to set a new high-score. Good luck! ...

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We have good news for all the mahjong online flash game fans, because we are glad to present this brand new online flash game called Roman Mahjong. As you have understood, it is made in Ancient Rome style, so it would be very interesting to play. The...

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Taxi Rush is one more exciting flash game, in which you play a role of a taxi driver. Your objective is the same as in any other taxi simulator game. Drive a taxi on the busy streets, trying to get your customers to their destination well and on time...

Taxi Rush
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Human VS Robot in a brand new Robot Soccer flash game! If you are a fan of soccer, then you will definitely enjoy this game. It is not that easy to control your tank: you can only turn, advance, accelerate and break. Demonstrate your football skills ...

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We are glad to present you our brand new online flash game called Bmx Pro Style. As you have understood, in this game you must use your entire bike riding sills in order to pass all the levels. Hold the trick button you have while in the air to incre...

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Defend Your Keg is a simple, but exciting game. Your task is to defend the last keg of your favorite beer on the earth. Throw the bottles in all these bastards, who want to drink your beer! Good luck!...

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Great news! Now the amazing Super Sports Surgery Rugby is available online and for free! Meet a great simulator of one the most important and difficult professions. You play as a doctor and therefore you can experience operations and surgery. Enjoy c...

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