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Sugar Island Sugar Island
Sugar Island

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Published on Oct 16, 2018


Sugar Island is a brand new online flash game, in which you can easily improve your strategy and fighting skills. The story is that you play a role of a Viking. The problem is that a Sugar king and his mighty forces have come to your island in order to conquer it. The legends says that Sugarking is immortal but always remember that Odin`s power is with you, so nobody can defeat you. There are 9 amazing and challenging stages and one of them is a survival stage, in which you must use all you fighting skills in order to survive as long as possible. Don’t forget to pick up various power-ups, which will give you extra help and strength. Do your best if you want to unlock all the achievements. Pay attention to the fact that with every level new power-ups, enemies and even achievements will be available for you. Good luck!

If you are good at managing time and people, then this game is for you! Face 30 levels, meet 3 environments and try to prosper. Do everything effectively and precisely. Try to earn 3 stars on each level....

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