River Raid

River Raid


Sub Commander Sub Commander
Sub Commander

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Published on 24, 2017


Navigate your submarine through the dark and treacherous ocean. Similar to the addicting helicopter games, you power your submarine while avoiding the landscape and bombs. Collect extra health and power-ups for points and added speed. Dodge the objects from the overhead boats and you may yet make it to shore.


Try this brand new exciting online physics-based puzzle game called Spiters Annihilation Hacked. Your task is to remove various objects from the screen in order to destroy all the purple monsters. Do your best if you want to set a new highscore! In t...

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A fantastic game with millions of fans all over the world. All you need is to put out the fire of the cannon balls before they reach finish. Do your best if you want to get Blackbeard`s treasures!...

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Love Tester is not a flash game but interesting online app. You can test compatibility by only entering his and her names. This app shows 100 percent true. Enjoy the game and find out the truth! ...

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In this game, your objective is to kick Justin the Beaver to its beaver dwelling. You will face multiple impediments while flying. Don’t forget about using power-ups that will greatly aid you. You can also purchase some improvements after every fli...

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One of the most unusual games ever created - xRaye! Your objective is to touch all the pegs, so that they get a yellow colour. Mind that some pegs need to be hit more than once and require multiple hits.Use arrow keys to rotate and space bar to jump....

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This is an amazing game, which will fully satisfy you, as you will take part in preparations for Christmas. Your aim is to help Santa to gather all the presents. You should make runs for Santa by drawing a line with mouse. Try to obtain all presents ...

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Cool news for the superhero fans! Now you can enjoy playing the fantastic and incredible online game with your favourite and beloved Captain America! Since 1941 comics about tis character have gained their popularity and have been sold in more than 2...

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Crazy Flasher is an amazing fighting game. Be surprised by the amount of fighting stunts it has. Choose between story mode and death match and click Play"! Face the king of death match to become the best street fighter! Perform well to become an ulti...

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