Haters War

Haters War
Streets Of Death Streets Of Death
Streets Of Death

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Published on Nov 15, 2017


Zombies have taken over the city! You are the last cop alive! Keep the zombies at bay while you make your way to the military base in search of backup! Hack and slash zombies on your search for salvation in this total gore-fest!

Sweet and bad is a funny side-scroll online flash game, in which your objective is to reach finish. You must collect all the sweets on your way. But try to avoid baddies. Collect power-ups to make this game funnier. Enjoy the game! ...

Sweet and Bad
136 plays

In this online flash game you play as a captain of a pirate`s ship. And your task is to select right angle and power of your cannon in order to shoot the aim. Try to shoot well for the better highscore. In the hacked version all the levels are availa...

Yo-Ho-Ho Cannon Hacked
135 plays

We have good news for all the Roadz online flash game, because the developers have improved it with this brand new update. The objective is still the same, but all the bugs are fixed. First, the car can now reverse to some extent. You can't really dr...

172 plays

Have you missed Halloween? Your favourite dark and creepy holiday is back with the cool Zombies Rage Race online game! Take part in the zombie racing and prove that you are the best! Demonstrate your driving skills and do your best to win all the rac...

163 plays

Awesome Zombie Exterminators is one more amazing online flash game from www.brightesgames.com. The hundreds of zombies are coming. Are you ready to face them and defeat their invasion? Only zombie exterminators can cope with this terrible zombie infe...

184 plays

We are glad to present you one more exciting zombie shooter online flash game called 13 Days Hell. Your objective is to kill all the zombies on your way. So, use all your aiming and shooting skills in order to survive all the 13 days. You start with ...

13 Days In Hell
138 plays

As you have understood from the name of this game, you must do your best in order to protect your castle from zombies. You will get money for the every killed zombie, which you can spend in the shop on new weapons and upgrades. Good luck! ...

Zombie Defense Game
169 plays

Survive Apocalypse is a brand new amazing online flash game, in which your task is to survive as long as possible. The problem is that there is a zombie apocalypse and after it a lot of zombies come on the streets of your city. Your task is to protec...

Survive Apocalypse
140 plays