Haters War

Haters War
Streets Of Death Streets Of Death
Streets Of Death

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Published on Dec 14, 2018


Zombies have taken over the city! You are the last cop alive! Keep the zombies at bay while you make your way to the military base in search of backup! Hack and slash zombies on your search for salvation in this total gore-fest!

The Serum Aftermath is an amazing online flash game, in which you must use all your shooting skills in order to defeat zombies. The objectives can be different for example: signal the rescue chopper, gas up the truck and others. Try to make headshots...

The Serum Aftermath
390 plays

It is hard to believe, but healthy salt baths turn out of normal human zombies… Start this game and do something with that....

6 plays

Armory games is glad to introduce you outstanding action game. In this awesome novice game, you will become a priest, who had already died. However, God has other plans on him. God wishes the priest to become an exorcist. Compile hats, weapons and ot...

518 plays

Another war against zombies is awaiting you. Will you accept it? Gather different kinds of weapon and put to end all undead you meet. Entertain!...

Tequila Zombies
499 plays

Zombie Catcher Havoc is a ridiculous online flash game, in which you must show all your driving and parking skills. Your task is to drive a truck and collect all the zombies on your way. Then, you can sell zombies for cash and spend money on upgrades...

Zombie Catcher Havoc
452 plays

Here is everything quite plain. Get in your vehicle, dash through the streets and destroy zombies. Start it right away!...

Truck Minator
3 plays

Do you like famous online flash game called Pac Man, but you are tired from it, because you play it several years? Then, you must try this brand new amazing online flash game called Hungry Hunter, which has more cool graphics and gameplay than Pac Ma...

Hunger Hunter
822 plays

Doom Patrol is another addictive shooter, which will not leave you indifferent. Therefore, move aside all of your tasks and enjoy it at full!...

Doom Patrol
282 plays