Strike Force Kitty Last Stand

Strike Force Kitty Last Stand

Rise of the Castle

Rise of the Castle
Strategy Defense 3 Strategy Defense 3
Strategy Defense 3

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Published on 20, 2018


The Strategy Defense is the third part of the exciting online flash game. This time you can choose one of four difficulty modes and maps. Use all your strategy and logic skills in order to win. Good luck!

Your aim is to drive a military tank and park it where it is required. Follow the indicators to accomplish the missions. Nevertheless, get ready for various difficulties, as military camps have plenty of barriers. Watch the time, as it is limited. Yo...

Military Camp Parking
216 plays

Put together all the parts of 1911 pistol and load the bullets. Afterwards, shoot the targets. Do your best and show the greatest results firing from a distance. Shoot 10 ring moving targets. Each has various number of possible points. Try to get the...

394 plays

A simple day, which did not mean anything bad, turned into a big surprise for the main character of this game. He has been called by the village guardian. You have to break through many impediments that are awaiting you in a forest, where the guardia...

The Guardian
7 plays

Madfist Retro is an incredible game, which will give you a lot of pleasure and simultaneously will test your reflexes. This is an 8-bit version, where your main goal is to get the highest score you can. Direct a mighty fist on the units and smash the...

Madfist Retro
601 plays

In Truth Battle, You are one man with a rocket launcher on his shoulder. The first level begins with foot soldiers firing their own rockets at you. For that reason always be moving to avoid their fire. Kill all of them to move onto other levels. Then...

Truth Battle
259 plays

In the Armi Racers online game you have a great opportunity to try yourself in the world famous tournament. The army soldiers from all over the world are taking part in it. And you must use all your skills in order to prove everybody in the world tha...

Armi Racers
201 plays

Take out the enemy forces in this shoot-em-up. Upgrade your gun and become the biggest and baddest around ...

Super Sniper
443 plays

The elves arrows are poised, the humans swords are drawn, and the centaurs lead the charge! ...

Nob War: The Elves
819 plays