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Star Runner

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Published on 20, 2017


We are glad to present you this simple but very addictive to play online flash game called Star Runner. In this game you play a role of a tiny little creature and your objective is to collect all the red stars in order to pass the level. Pay attention to the fact that you must use all your strategical skills in order to plan your path before head. Notice that you will lose, if baddies catch you. There are also bonus stars that gain you extra points. Have fun!

Scoobydoo Monster Sandwich is a ridiculous inline flash game, in which you play as your favorite cartoon characters. Your task is to help Scooby to maintain the sandwiches’ equilibrium You can do it from the ingredients, which Shaggy is throwing fr...

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Put to end your enemies and spray them in poop. Have fun at full!...

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We have good news for all the Sumo Wrestling fans. Try our brand new online flash game, in which you have a great opportunity to take part in Sumo`s tournament. Your objective is to push all the other sumo wrestlers out of the arena. Try not to get d...

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Get a great opportunity to surf on these exciting waves with Surf Point Blue! Collect as many smiles as possible to set a new high score. Enjoy this beautiful seaside while riding the waves! Have fun!...

Surf Point Blue
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Don't hesitate, get into your car and speed up! Collect coins and spend them on various cool upgrades and powerups for your car. Be careful and avoid dangerous obstacles. Complete all the levels, get three stars per each of them and set a new high sc...

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Hit all of the targets before the time runs out in this tricky archery challenge! ...

Bow Shooting
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Good Morning and Die is a breathtaking and cool game, in which you find yourself in the unknow room. You get to know that you are taking part in the strange experiment. Escape from this room as soon as possible! Move and replace blocks of the room in...

Good Morning and Die
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Freezy Mammoth is a ridiculous physics based online flash game. Your task is to lead the mammoths to the igloos. Collect all the stars on your way in order to set a new highscore. Pay attention to the fact that you can freeze and unfreeze objects as ...

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