I Need Air

I Need Air

Pick and Dig 2

Pick and Dig 2
Star Journey Star Journey
Star Journey

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Published on 20, 2018


Outer space is hard to navigate! Fly in between satellites and collect the stars to make your journey a safe and productive one! Head for the portal once you've gotten all the stars. Zipping through the obstacles will be tricky, though. Once you've gained momentum, it's hard to stop! Propel yourself this way and that in this physics-based space adventure!


Do you like airline simulators? If your answer is yes, then this game is really for you. This is the sequel of the famous online flash game called TU-95. The story takes part in 1970s and your task is to deliver passengers from 6 countries. Do your b...

TU - 46
311 plays

Space Bugs is a classical shooter arcanoid game. In this game your objective is to control the spaceship and destroy all the flying bugs. You will pass the level only after you have destroyed all the bugs. Pay attention to the fact that they will sho...

Space Bugs
269 plays

Naval Strike is a brand new amazing online flash game, in which you play a role of a pilot. Your objective is to protect the transport boas which are carrying various goods. The problem is that you enemies want to destroy them. So, you must show your...

Naval Strike
375 plays

Meet a brand new and exclusive shooter Reactance 2 game! The game is greatly improved. Now it has even more challenging levels, dangerous weapons, strong enemies, upgrades and powerups. This game is played with mouse only. Don't hesitate and have fun...

Reactance 2
462 plays

Flash Chopper is an exciting online flash game, in which your task is to fly your chopper as long as possible. Collect all the coins on your way for better highscore. But be careful, avoid various obstacles and flying missiles. Have fun and enjoy the...

225 plays

I am sure that you know the most famous plane of Second World War. In the brand new Spitfire 1940 online game you have a real possibility to test it. Your task is to create your own strategy and defend Britain. Do your best, if you want to defeat the...

Spitfire 1940
551 plays

Survive in Space is a very exciting online flash game, in which you have a real opportunity to take a trip to the space. You play as a spaceship commander and your task is to reach finish. Keep your spaceship from being blow up by the missiles. Use a...

Survive in Space
195 plays

Here is a cool and amazing Funny Parking game for you! Your task is to park the toy plane in the parking lot on the table. Avoid different obstacles and don't collide with other items. Do your best to pass to the next level. Complete all the levels t...

Funny Parking
245 plays