I Need Air

I Need Air

Pick and Dig 2

Pick and Dig 2
Star Journey Star Journey
Star Journey

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Published on Nov 22, 2017


Outer space is hard to navigate! Fly in between satellites and collect the stars to make your journey a safe and productive one! Head for the portal once you've gotten all the stars. Zipping through the obstacles will be tricky, though. Once you've gained momentum, it's hard to stop! Propel yourself this way and that in this physics-based space adventure!


Dragonforce is a very simple but exciting online flash game, in which you have a possibility to take part in the space battle. Your task is to destroy all the enemies` space ships in order to pass the level. Pay attention to the fact that you can pic...

145 plays

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command - Buzz is back and he has some tough missions in-store for you! ...

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
125 plays

Try our brand new online flash game called Droid Hunter. This game is very addcitive to play and I am sure that you will play it until you pass all the levels. The story is that droid are terrorizing the city and you are the only one, who can destroy...

Droid Hunter
159 plays

The story is that our astronauts are in trouble in space and your task is to do your best in order to save them. Choose the right angle in order to pick up them with your space rocket. Be careful, try to not crash it. Good luck! ...

Rocket Rescue
192 plays

You are a peaceful alien from planet Zethra. Your mission on Earth is to make people stop killing each other and to teach them to live in peace and harmony. After years of studying human psychology and physiology, your nation has created a device tha...

From Space With Love
143 plays

Space Rover is an amazing online flash game, in which you play a delivery truck driver. But pay attention to the fact that the story takes part in the space. As you have understood, your objective is to deliver various goods to the destination place....

Space Rover
166 plays

Rocket Rush is a simple but very exciting online puzzled game. You can play near 30 amazing levels with different difficulty. Pay attention to the fact that with every level your task becomes harder and harder. All you need to do is to reach top with...

153 plays

Do you like space and shuttles? If your answer is yes, call your friend and compete each other. Use arrows to control the space shuttle and to shoot!...

176 plays