I Need Air

I Need Air

Pick and Dig 2

Pick and Dig 2
Star Journey Star Journey
Star Journey

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Published on 20, 2017


Outer space is hard to navigate! Fly in between satellites and collect the stars to make your journey a safe and productive one! Head for the portal once you've gotten all the stars. Zipping through the obstacles will be tricky, though. Once you've gained momentum, it's hard to stop! Propel yourself this way and that in this physics-based space adventure!


We are glad to present you the second part of the beloved online flash game called Bump Copter. In this game you can improve you flying skills. Your objective is very simple. All you have to do is to fly from the start to the finish. Don’t think th...

Bump Copter 2
78 plays

Become a pilot of a helicopter and show how great you are. Try to land it right near the flag. During completion of this objective, you can also unravel different secrets on each stage and earn additional points. You may follow the tips or reject the...

123 plays

Have you even taken part in the sky battles? With the cool and interesting Frantic Sky online game you get such an opportunity. Your objective is get rid of the fighter jets of your enemies. Do your best and survive for as long as you can! In the end...

Frantic Sky
168 plays

Upgrade Complete 3mium is a unique online flash game, in which your task is to upgrade the game you play. You can change graphics, add new characters and even bosses. So, use your imagination in order to create the game of your dreams. Enjoy the game...

Upgrade Complete 3mium
136 plays

Have you ever dreamt of trying yourself as a spaceman? If your answer is yes, then this brand new amazing online flash game is really for you. Your objective in this game is to lead the spaceship through the various levels to reach the teleport ring ...

132 plays

Angry bird likes journeying. However, it does not possess too much energy to reach its goal. Can you help it? Gather points to make some improvements so that the bird good fly until the very end....

Angry Bird Journey
167 plays

Try this brand new online flash game called Dtunnel 3D. You must show all your skills in order to guide your ship through dangerous tunnel. Do your best if you don’t want to crush your ship. Collect various power-ups in order to increase your speed...

DTunnel 3D
130 plays

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command - Buzz is back and he has some tough missions in-store for you! ...

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
96 plays