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Megaman Project X Time Trial

Megaman Project X Time Trial
Splatman Splatman

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Published on 24, 2017


Do you like the famous online flash game called PacMan? If your answer is yes, then you for sure must try this brand new online flash game called Splatman. Your objective is almost the same as in the PacMan. It means that you must explore the maze and collect all the coffee cups in order to pass the level. Pay attention to the fact that you will lose, if the ghosts catch you. Notice that every next level will be harder than the previous one. Have fun!!

We are glad to present you this brand new ridiculous skill-based online flash game called Snowball Fight. In this game you can see two teams and each team has three members. I am sure that this game is an amazing time-killer both for children and for...

Snowball Fight
163 plays

Meet a brand new and exclusive game from dailygames. com for free! In this exciting Taz in the City game you have to reach the end of the level without falling into the fire. Try to stay alive as long as possible and avoid dangerous hamburgers. Use a...

Taz In The City
122 plays

Boxed is an amazing physics based online flash game. Your objective is very simple: keep the good boxes away from the evil by removing them from the group. Use your mouse to play this game. Don't let the red color box fall on the ground, otherwise yo...

100 plays

There’s a guy, who owns a real farm. There’s his true friend, who came to assist him in seeding the wheals. Will he lack experience or will he learn fast? Find all necessary tools and things. Start working and enjoy the process. Who told you that...

Fields of Gold
118 plays

Meet this addictive and captivating Level Up Parking online game! Master and challenge your driving skills while driving along the roads of the future! With every level the roads will get higher and higher. Aren't you afraid of driving at high altit...

Level Up Parking
150 plays

Zombie Head Mars is a fantastic and addictive flash game available online for free! You play as zombie, who has got out of his grave to go on a trip. You have already visited the Moon once. Now you are dramong of going to the Mars. Help the zombie to...

99 plays

Do you like baseball? Are ordinary baseball games too ordinary for you? Then, the 7th Inning Smash is really the best variant for you! Your task is to smash a ball and crash windows, roofs, cars and even birds. Pay attention to the fact that for each...

7th Inning Smash
111 plays

Great news for the Rubble Trubble New York fans! During your last job in the Big Appke you have demonstrated good skills and real efforts. Your jobs provider is satisfied with you and gives you a promotion. Now you have to go to Tokyo! Your new task ...

122 plays