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Snake Intuition

Snake Intuition
Snakes Snakes

Published on 25, 2017


Do you know the famous old school online flash game called Snake, which you have probably played on your old school? If your answer is yes, then you for sure must try this brand new second part of it called Snakes. Your objective is the same as in the previous part and it means that you must eat all the items on your way in order to make your snake bigger. You will get score points for each eaten item. Pay attention to the fact that you will lose, if you hit the wall or any other obstacle. Good luck!

One more online Fruit Defense flash game from defense series! Your task is to defend your village from these ruthless invaders. Try to hold on more than 100 days. In this game you have a possibility to use about 50 items, various upgrades, power ups....

Fruit Defense
127 plays

Meet a brand new and exclusive Spin N Set Astonishing X-Men 3 game! In this game you have to put the pieces on their right positions in order to get a complete picture in result. Figure out the image by arranging and fixing the pieces. If you need to...

Spin N Set Astonishing X-Men 3
195 plays

Do you know how it is to work as a battlefield medic during The World War 2? Our brand new online flash game gives you a great opportunity to try yourself. You will take part in the most famous and bloody battles and your objective is to give the fir...

Battlefield Medic
142 plays

Have you ever dreamt of taking part in the illegal street race? If your answer is yes, then you must for sure try our brand new online flash game called Driving School GT. Use all your driving skills because killing, crashing, and driving the wrong w...

Driving School GT
86 plays

An astonishing and funny game, in which you play as a kung fu grandpa. Show them that you are the best street fighter. Do your best to defeat all the enemies. Collect money and different items for more points! Prove everybody that you are not that ol...

Kungfu Grandpa
134 plays

Wake Up The Box 4 is the sequel of the famous and popular online game.Your objective is to draw various shapes. The idea is that they should roll, lean and swing to hit the box character off the screen. Do everything possible to get rid of them! Use ...

82 plays

Find The Suspect: Extended Edition is a brand new online flash game, in which you can try yourself as a real detective. Use all you memory skills to memorize faces and then identify their shadows. Pay attention to the fact that you have only few seco...

Find The Suspect: Extended Edition
92 plays

Clubby is a ridiculous online flash game, in which you will for sure have a lot of fun. The story takes part in Golotha desert and as you know there goes an ice age every 15 years. Clubby is a mystic creature from ice age and he is very funny. But th...

Clubby The Seal
120 plays