Carrot Fantasy Extreme 2

Carrot Fantasy Extreme 2
Snake Intuition Snake Intuition
Snake Intuition

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Published on Nov 15, 2017


We have good news for all the Snake game fans! We are glad to present you this brand new version of this classical online flash game called Snake Intuition. Your objective is the same as in the classical old school game. Use arrows to move and collect all the green items on your way. Your snake will grow after each eaten item. Use all your skills in order to not hit anywhere. Have fun!

Hometown Hero is a funny online flash game. This game is unique, because you must create your own game before playing. Do your best in order to make addictive to play levels and don’t forget to share it with your friends. Enjoy the game! ...

Hometown Hero
132 plays

In the challenging and interesting Let It Glow 2 game your task is to connect the energy source to the bulbs. Be ready to some some obstacles! You can remove wooden objects by clicking on them. Use the transmitters and batteries to connect energy sou...

159 plays

Show others your skills while acting as a white Pucca. What does a white Pucca do? He opposes his enemies, avoids the black ones, etc. His primer aim lies in being the 1st to fill the area. It may sound plain and easy. Is it so in reality? Check. Pro...

Board of Pucca
201 plays

Go on adventures through the dangerous rainforest with our amazing Monkey Cross Island game! You get a fantastic opportunity to try yourself in the new world driving a new vehicle! You play as a nasty monkey, who wants to gather as many bananas on th...

187 plays

Meet Vanguards 2. This is a fascinating action game, which will greatly entertain you and will add some adrenaline to you. The greatest superheroes have gathered to draw back the crowds of alien forces. While the main battle has been taking place, th...

Vanguards 2
185 plays

If you are a fan of point and click type of escape games, then Escape The House online game is the best variant for you! In this game your objective is to search for and various important objects, clues and hints. Do everything possible to find the e...

165 plays

NavyVSAramy is a brand new physics-based online flash game, in which you can play either for the navy or for the army. Snip the enemy units with grenades and destroy them! Be alert, as they can hide in bunkers and protect themselves. Do your best and...

147 plays

Meet an addictive and captivating indoor sports online game! In the Crazy Darts game you have to score as many points as possible. Your time is limited, so hurry up! You have only 90 seconds to complete the task! Throw the darts accurately and set a ...

Crazy Darts
180 plays