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Snake Challenge

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Published on 16, 2017


We are glad to present you this brand new modern version of the world famous online flash game, which you have probably played on your old Nokia. In the Snake Challenge you must control the snake and eat all the eggs and fruits on your way. Pay attention to the fact that the more food you eat, the bigger your snake growth. Notice that it will be a game over for you, if you run into yourself. Don’t worry about the walls, because you will stop until you choose new direction. That is way you must always keep your tail behind. Good luck!

This time, you will be parking a car in a toy world. Overcome all the impediments and simply enjoy this funny game....

Tiny Parking
128 plays

Your mission is to rescue your crew destroying monsters that are everywhere. You have different types of weapons to do that. You are on the Red Planet and have to pass a really difficult contest. Do your best and show the best skills for surviving an...

Spaceman 2024
132 plays

Pix mania ia quite a simple, but ridiculous game! Playing it will turn into a great time spending. Your task is to control this tiny simple pixel and survive as long as possible. Collect golden and blue pixels to get more points. Red pixels are your ...

Pix Mania
4 plays

If you are fond of the stickman game series, then you will definitely enjoy this brand new Stick Figure Badminton online game! Now it is even better and more captivating than ever! You can play it either with a stickman or a friend. Enjoy the game! ...

Stick Figure Badminton
162 plays

This game is all about crazy drive and time. Try to accomplish all the tracks and beat time. Enjoy this super driving game!...

Rich Cars
145 plays

Wooden Path is a brand new amazing puzzle-based online flash game. It is an amazing blocks sliding online flash game. Pay attention to the fact that there are a lot of extra features such as: teleports, switches, special blocks and more which make th...

Wooden Path
89 plays

The favourite and beloved by everyone holiday (Valentine's Day) is almosy here! What are the cupids doing? They are preparing for the exam that all of them have to pass. Our young cupid is really nervous and you need to help him to cope with this pro...

Cupids Exam
138 plays

Are you ready for taking part in the breathtaking 3D race among ice? In the Ice Run RumbleSushi 3D you have to race with the small penguins and prove them that you are the best! Collect stars to earn points. You can also take down your enemies to ge...

Ice Run RumbleSushi 3D
134 plays