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Sliding Jack Sliding Jack
Sliding Jack

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Published on 20, 2017


Sliding Jack is a brand new amazing online flash game. Jack was a kid and he always was harassed by the bullies. But one day something strange had happened to Jack and he has waked up with special abilities like a super hero. And as you have understood, it is time for revenge. Use your super rainbow powers to beat the bullies, get a payback and save the townspeople! Have fun!

Beer Pong is a very entertaining game, where you will consume great amount of really delicious and cheap beer. Get it started and enjoy it at full!...

Beer Pong
143 plays

This is an excellent ridiculous online flash game for real insect haters. Your task is to kill insects one by one using different weapons such as knives, guns, explosives and even trusty boot. In this game there are near 20 different types of bugs an...

128 plays

Upgrade your car, change its color, install different parts. Then, press the arrow key to increase and keep the speed high during the races!...

Boost Up Your Car
119 plays

If you think, that Stick Tennis is an easy walk of tennis than you are wrong. Universal players with various characteristics and courts with real surfaces will make your games utterly difficult. Prove you’re the best and try this challenge!...

Stick Tennis
209 plays

Flee Bad Pig House is an amazing online flash game. The story is that Christmas is coming, but poor Angry Birds have been all catched and trapped by the Bad Piggie in their pigsty. And your task is to save Christmas for this cute Angry Birds. So, sho...

Flee Bad Pig House
154 plays

A famous all over the world and beloved by everyone ping pong game is back! Meet a challenging brand new remake of this game with simple graphics and high speed! Use key arrow to move your board. Press space bar or Start to begin the game. Have fun!...

Pong Classic Open Source
140 plays

This is the second part of one of the most exciting and cute online parking flash games called Cute Girl Parking. Your task as in the previous part is to help a girl to park her car. Collect flowers for extra points. Use all your driving skills for s...

Cute Girl Parking 2
106 plays

Ninja + - Collect all the coins as quick as you can. ...

Ninja +
217 plays