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Hedgehog Launch

City Under Siege

City Under Siege
Sim Delivery Sim Delivery

Published on 15, 2017


Sim Delivery is a brand bew exciting online flash game. The story is that you are a well-known criminal and police is chasing you. The problem is that you need 25,000 dollars to leave the country. Luckily, you can always hire as a deliber boy. Do your best in order to earn that amount of money as fast as possible. So you must drive your scooter and pick up various boxes, which you must deliver to get to the destination place. Collect money for each successful job. Pay attention to the fact that you also must upgrade your scooter in order to increase its stats, because the police will try to catch you in any moment. Notice that you have only three lives and it will be a game over for you, if you lose them all. Have fun!

Do you have the eye of a sniper? Then take on Hit Logic and knock out all the red checkers in the least amount of moves possible. Left click the checker then drag to adjust angle and power....

Hit Logic
139 plays

We have good news for all the defense game fans. City Under Siege is our brand new amazing and very addictive to play game. In this game you must use all your driving skills, because you have to drive a tank and kill all the invaders one by one. It f...

City Under Siege
133 plays

We are glad to present you this brand new online flash game, which is very similar to the famous Bounce game. Your objective in this game is to guide your marble through a series of mazes to try and get it to the exit portal. Use arrows to control th...

126 plays

You will definitely love the graphics of the brand new War within Paper online game. You will take part in the battle with the angry little soldiers. They are attacking, so fight them! You can use your turret to defend. Do your best to stay alive and...

War within Paper
177 plays

Do you know how hard the traffic is on the 4th of July? And due to this game you have a possibility to regulate it. Use all your skills in order to help people to celebrate this great day at home. Try to guide every car avoiding accidents. Have fun!...

4th of July Traffic
115 plays

Cube Tank Arena is a 3D Tank shooting game where you must fight and destroy waves of other tanks in order to get to the next level. At the end of each level is a super powerful boss that you must fight also. Once an enemy tank is destroyed it might d...

Cube Tank Arena
128 plays

Werewolf Vampire War is a brand new online flash game, in which your task is to defeat your opponent. You can choose on which side you will play. As the living environment is getting smaller and smaller, you must produce your own army and kill everyo...

werewolf vampire war
133 plays

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a builder? If your answer is yes, then this game is really for you. But your task is not to build only one building. You must build a new town with all its infrastructure. Try to earn as much money as possible, but do...

Building Rush
108 plays