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Hedgehog Launch

City Under Siege

City Under Siege
Sim Delivery Sim Delivery

Published on 18, 2018


Sim Delivery is a brand bew exciting online flash game. The story is that you are a well-known criminal and police is chasing you. The problem is that you need 25,000 dollars to leave the country. Luckily, you can always hire as a deliber boy. Do your best in order to earn that amount of money as fast as possible. So you must drive your scooter and pick up various boxes, which you must deliver to get to the destination place. Collect money for each successful job. Pay attention to the fact that you also must upgrade your scooter in order to increase its stats, because the police will try to catch you in any moment. Notice that you have only three lives and it will be a game over for you, if you lose them all. Have fun!

This is the sequel of the amazing online flash game called Building Blaster. Your task is to place explosives in order to destroy temporary buildings. Be careful and try to not harm the pedestrians. Good luck!...

Building Blaster 2 - Players Pack Hacked
234 plays

Sacred Heroes is an exciting game, which you will definitely like. In this game, you will have to do the best you can. There will be everything. Building, defending, attacking and so on. Develop in the best way you can to become number 1. Have luck!...

Sacred Heroes
724 plays

Amazing news for the fans of the puzzle RPG online games! In the brand new PuzzleLineRpg online game your task is to get rid of all the orcs and destroy their camps. Do your best and prove that you are unstoppable! The game is played with the mouse o...

310 plays

Quantum Zombies is a brand new amazing online flash game. In this game your task is to defeat zombies after the Zombie`s Apocalypse. You can choose the way how to play this game. You can try to run away from them or show all your fighting skills in e...

Quantum Zombies
211 plays

Primal Justice is an amazing online flash game, which takes part in the ancient times. You are the one of the legendary warriors, who have trained themselves in the style of the Animals of the wild. You must use all your skills in order to defeat the...

Primal Champions
337 plays

Gazzoline is a brand new amazing online flash game, which gives you an opportunity to run a gas station on your own. In this game you can test your pumping skills and become the ultimate fuelling machine. Your main objective in this game is to earn a...

238 plays

Mad army is a ridiculous game with cool graphics. Your task is to place archers and swordsmen on the right positions in order to defend all your gold. The problem is that other soldiers do everything they can to stole it from you. So, choose the righ...

Mad Arrow
363 plays

Today we are going to do some cool and exciting experiments! Are you ready? The objective of the experiments is to move the ball 8 into the target area. You can use different balls and other objects to help yourself achieve the aim! Bowling balls are...

Successful Experiment
197 plays