Highway Pursuit 2

Highway Pursuit 2

Lion King: Simba's Pride

Lion King: Simba's Pride
Silent Kill Silent Kill
Silent Kill

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Published on 23, 2018


Silent Kill - Hey sharpshooter! Locate your major targets and do what you do best!

In the Army Swat online game you play as a real special soldier in the US Army. Your task is to kill all the terrorists in each level. Pay attention to the fact that you will lose, if you kill the civilian. Good luck! ...

Army Swat
418 plays

Welcome a super action Tank Destroyer 2. In this sequel, you will meet 3 novel locations – desert, town and winter surface, as well as 9 novel missions. You will face strong foes and will be able to squash foes’ soldiers. You have to get rid of a...

Tank Destroyer 2
407 plays

The evil army wants to take under control the entire territory of your country and it has besieged the castle of the king. Your main goal is to defend the lands of the king and get rid of all the enemies. Experience will sufficiently help you to win ...

Protect King Castle
248 plays

Madness Death Wish - Choose a good ending for Mr Madness. ...

Madness Death Wish
308 plays

The sequel of the famous and popular online game is coming! In the Causality 2 your task is to click all over the scene and find new animations, which will help you to proceed in the game and progress the stickman storyline. You will need only your m...

373 plays

Have ever driven the top secret car? Probably, no, I think! With over brand new flash game called Rush Race you have such a possibility. Your task is to defeat the mad scientist, but before you must destroy all his forces. You need to use all your sh...

288 plays

Everyone was cracking jokes at you, thinking that you were a real fool to build an anti-zombie bunker. As it turned out one nice day, the apocalypse has happened! Thanks to your paranoia, you have everything that is required to vanquish zombies. Use ...

Antizombie Bunker
182 plays

In this game you play the role of a real sniper. Feel yourself like 007 agent! Your task is to complete different missions. Remember that the time is limited. Enjoy the game!...

Joe The Sniper
226 plays