Highway Pursuit 2

Highway Pursuit 2

Lion King: Simba's Pride

Lion King: Simba's Pride
Silent Kill Silent Kill
Silent Kill

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Published on 19, 2019


Silent Kill - Hey sharpshooter! Locate your major targets and do what you do best!

Who said that being the only survivor is the thing one should get excited about? Especially, when all the team mates are dead now. Your new objective is to fight all alone. It does not sound fascinating, does it? Still, you have to survive the 2nd st...

Gold Gun
804 plays

Madfist Retro is an incredible game, which will give you a lot of pleasure and simultaneously will test your reflexes. This is an 8-bit version, where your main goal is to get the highest score you can. Direct a mighty fist on the units and smash the...

Madfist Retro
868 plays

Bumble Bee has been seriously harmed in the battle against evil decepticons. His leg cannot move and Sam gets him on his truck to get him out of troubles. The brave autobot will be shooting the enemies to make them move slower. It’s your chance to ...

Bumble Bee Rescue Mission
2337 plays

Swat Rescue Team is an amazing online flash game, in which you can try yourself as a real counter-terrorist soldier. The story is that the government officials were kidnapped by terrorists during the congress. And now they are kept on the various yac...

Swat Rescue Team
939 plays

If you enjoy playing a popular and definitely cool The Last Stand online game, then this hacked version is right for you! Now you get times more challenging levels and exciting tasks. There are lots of ammo, weapons, heath and damage in this brand ne...

The Last Stand Hacked
762 plays

Try our cool brand new Zombie Racers Score Attack game! Your task is to crash all the zombies you meet on your way! Have fun and see their parts splatter all over the screen. Do your best and try to set new highscore! Enjoy the game!...

Zombie Racers Score Attack
1240 plays

There is a great danger coming from the walking sticks that have infested the whole area around. Your only chance to win is to protect your fence and turn it into a solid wall. You won’t have much ammo, still you can purchase more with your earning...

the Walking Stick
716 plays

Soccer & football cup series are often accompanied by really crazy deeds. Why not become their part? Pick a favorite team and score for it infecting players of both teams. Now you are to bear responsibility for zombie invasion. Keep off the referees!...

 World Zombies Cup
9 plays