Heli Blitz

Heli Blitz
Shooter Max Shooter Max

Published on Nov 20, 2017


Shooter Max - Shoot the enemies down.

There are many monsters and there are many weapons. Have you already understood what is to be done? Use your weapons effectively to destroy as many monsters as you can. Have luck!...

165 plays

Have you ever dreamt of trying yourself as a criminal? If your answer is yes, then you must try this brand new online flash game called Gangster Life. The story is that you have just escaped prison and want to make a name for yourself in the criminal...

Gangster Life
139 plays

Try this second part of the famous online flash game called Cursed Treasure. This is an exciting tower defense online flash game, in which your task is to place towers in order to kill all the humans before they reach your treasures. Have fun! ...

Cursed Treasure 2
179 plays

The game suggests five various character classes from which a player establishes a party of about four heroes. Fight together! Battle to the dungeon’s depths, find treasure and increase your powers! This party-based tactical RPG will take you to a ...

Monsters Den
331 plays

Meet Kaban! He's no ordinary warthog though. He's armed and ready to blast everything in his way. Race your way to the finish line through the obstacle course. Shoot as much as you can rather than hitting it with your head to save up your health. Fee...

Kaban Steeplechase
267 plays

Punch The Trump is a brand new sport game! Take part in boxing competition and demonstrate your skills! Go to the ring and enjoy boxing Trump! Have fun! ...

185 plays

Zaphod and Aztec are two funny aliens, which have their own plans on our farm animals. Help them to catch various animals. Pay attention to the fact that you can find the number of required animals in the left corner of the screen. Have fun! ...

Zaphod and Aztec
160 plays

The poor little ragdoll’s planet is under great menace, as great crowds of alien spaceships wish to overcome it. You have dual chaingun arms and with them, you can really prevent the invasion. Summon your courage, escape enemies’ fire and conquer...

Ragdoll Invaders
195 plays