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Christmas cat
Sequence Sequence

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Published on 27, 2017


Sequence is an amazing and addictive online game, in which you get a cool opportunity to challenge your logic and thinking skills. You have to choose the correct sequence. Don't forget to use the tips to achieve your aim. Enjoy the game!

The crime rate is getting higher and higher! The whole city is suffering from the constant attacks. In the Angry Gran 2 your task is to clean the city from these bastards! Click your mouse to swing your weapon. Hold and release your mouse for a more ...

Angry Gran 2
91 plays

Amazing Escape Ruins is an exciting game, in which you should use your brain to solve many puzzles. The matter is that you were hiking on a strange island with a lot of savages and you lost your mule. Now all you need is to escape home as quickly as ...

Amazing Escape Ruins
119 plays

Have fun while popping ballons with the sequel of the popular and beloved game Kaboomz. You need to pop red ballons and free blue ballons. To achieve this, you have to do different manipulations and cause various physics chain reactions. Don't mix t...

Kaboomz 2
119 plays

Alley Cat is a ridiculous online flash game. You play a role of a cat and your task is to use all your skills in order to catch fish. Be careful, because some of them are really dangerous. Don't forget to surface for a fresh breath! Have fun! ...

Alley Cat
86 plays

Return to Riddle School is an amazing online flash game. You play in the school and your task is to escape from it. Use all the available items in order to reach your aim. Have fun!...

102 plays

A funny and cool platform-based Balls of Life game is coming! You get an opportunity to live the life of the ball. Roll and jump your way through life! Enjoy getting a girlfriend and going to college. Don't forget to pay taxes, save for retirement an...

103 plays

We have good news for all the mahjong online flash games fans. Try our brand new second part of classic Mahjong online flash game. Pay attention to the fact that there are two game modes: “Simple” and “Classic”. Simple mode uses Numbers and L...

Mahjong 2
149 plays

Don't miss such a great opportunity to have an amazing time with the Manifold online game! Enjoy enormous heights and slopes using your gravitational manifold anomaly device! Have fun!...

105 plays