On The Wheels

On The Wheels

Vox Populi, Vox Dei

Vox Populi, Vox Dei
SeethingSwarm: Ninja SeethingSwarm: Ninja
SeethingSwarm: Ninja

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Published on 24, 2019


SeethingSwarm: Ninja

Miami Zombies is the sequel of the famous defense strategy Bath Salts Zombies. Your only aim is to survive! Sounds easy, doesn't it? The story is that after the previous fight you tried to reach the route 95, where your girlfriend was. But suddenly s...

Miami Zombies
4 plays

Great news! A new type of weapon has been invented! It is a light single tank for S.W.A.T. forces, which will fight against the terrorism all over thw world. Let's check what the military experts have invented! Go on and have a great time! ...

1067 plays

Super Soldier is a one super commando war game. You must guide the super soldier through enemy territory. You are equipped with a gun to help you fight against the foot soldiers. You can drive all vehicles, including tanks. You can also fly helicopte...

Super Soldier
321 plays

Cubikill 3 is great continuation of a famous series of games. Here again, a well-known psychopath has escaped from the asylum and is threatening peaceful citizens. Can you do anything to that? Try it and you will see....

Cubikill 3
948 plays

We are glad to present you the next part of the famous exciting online flash game called Orb Avoidance. You can play this game only with your mouse. Your objective is to avoid orbs, because you will lose, if they reach you. Also, you will lose, if yo...

Orb Avoidance 2
335 plays

One Click Ninja is a brand new breathtaking game available online and for free! The Ninja family got into troubles because of the constant hostile attacks. You play as Super Ninja, who has to complete a special secret task from the supervisor. You ne...

One Click Ninja
391 plays

This is the sequel of the world famous online flash game called First Commando. You have a great possibility to try yourself as a real special unit soldier on the undercover mission. You also must use all your shooting skills in order to destroy all ...

First Commando 2
1088 plays

Do you like online flash games, in which you can improve your aiming and shooting skills? If your answer is yes, then this brand new online flash game called Bait and Switch is really for you. The aim of the game is to defend the bait worm from harm,...

Bait And Switch
599 plays