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Super Appleman Painting

Pumpkin Snowboard

Pumpkin Snowboard
Sector 21 Sector 21
Sector 21

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Published on Nov 23, 2017


Try our brand new puzzle-based online flash game called Sector 21. This game has a primitive pixel graphics, but it is very addictive to play and you must use all your brain skills in order to pass all the levels. By the way, there are near 30 levels with different difficulty. Your objective is to reach finish. But don’t think that it will be an easy task, because you must jump, flip and even change gravity in order to pass various obstacles. Use arrows to move and S to change gravity. Set a new fastest time in each level. Do your best in order to use less tries. Good luck!

Meet one more amazing and exciting online game on our website! In the Jonny Backflip online game you will get captivated doing various flips to get nitro boost. Make big jumps in order to get as far as possible and to save gas. Get over all the obsta...

174 plays

This is a high time have a wild bike ride! Generator Rex is ready for new contests and great fun! Your mission is to help him to manage all the tasks while the ride on 12 various slopes. Every level has its definite tasks and you will have to do your...

Rex Brench
197 plays

Bullet Thunder is an outstanding game, which will finely entertain you. You will have to pass three rounds. In every round, you can shoot with spherical bullets. You can do that precisely and quicker. Everything depends on the position of the bullet....

Bullet Thunder
149 plays

Asleep Walking is a magnificent game, where your main task is to survive avoiding various hazards, such as snakes, falls, giants and so on. Try to succeed!...

Asleep Walking
179 plays

Arkanoid Defender is a popular and very successful game. The major aim of the game is to control the bouncing ball. For that, you will use a paddle. The mouse will move the paddle. The difficulty is that there will be coming never-ending waves of UFO...

Arkanoid Defender
155 plays

Water Supply is a world famous puzzle-based online flash game, in which you must use all your brains skills. Your objective in this game is to place the pipes in such a way that it will complete the flow of the water from the start point to the end p...

Water Supply
150 plays

What about an unbelievable boxing meeting of two old rivals Bush and Kerry? The election had taken place many years ago, but these two wish to decide who is stronger in a boxing match on the lawn of the White House....

Presidential Knockout
75 plays

Do you like fighting online flash games? If your answer is yes, then this brand new online flash game is really for you. In our Sinjids Battle Arena you must use all your fighting skills in order to win the most dangerous tournament. You will receive...

Sinjids Battle Arena
132 plays