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Last Defence

Geo Land: The Dream Traveller

Geo Land: The Dream Traveller
Season of War Season of War
Season of War

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Published on 23, 2018


Do you like tower defense online flash games? If your answer is yes, then you must try this brand new online flash game called Season of War. You can choose between two characters: King Diosius's Human Alliance led by Prince Alexander VIII to the Dark Lord's Orc forces led by the Necromancer Methus Kardec. Use all your strategical skills in order to make your mark in history. Good luck!

Try this brand new version of Terraguardian. Your task is to control the wee tank. Kill all the birds in the sky. By the way, you need not only to get rid of the birds, but also you have to destroy all the flying plans. Be alert, because the planes w...

TerraGuardian 2
407 plays

Wanna reunite again? You have one way only. It may sound cruel, yet it’s the reality: those people, who caused decay or hunger, are to be got rid of, by one means or another. At times it’s better to leave the ballast than to drag it all the way. ...

416 plays

If you are in for fun, you should try this amazing thing! Here, you will deal with explosions. Set the detonators in the buildings and wait until all the structures will be destructed. It is really captivating and exciting....

Building Blaster
389 plays

Challenge your logic and thinking skills with the fantastic and exciting The Vikings Revenge Level pack! Control the forces in more than 20 cool levels. Use your brain to complete the tasks as soon as possible. Do your best to become an ultimate sea ...

392 plays

Siege is a common thing for a medieval period of human history. In this intriguing game, you will receive a splendid opportunity to try it too. Knock out all the knights by dropping crates and other things from the screen. Come on! We know you can ma...

4 plays

Do you think that you must improve your typing skills? If your answer is yes, then you must try this brand new online flash game, which will teach you the art of fast typing. Have fun! ...

Key Master
191 plays

It is awesome to be the king of the prosperous kingdom, isn't it? With the help of this exciting Tiny King game you get an oportunity to try yourself in the role of the king. One day you wake up and you notice that a terrible thing has happened. Your...

Tiny King
329 plays

Evilgeddon is an amazing online flash game, in which you must do your best in order to defeat all the monsters, zombies and even ghosts. Don’t think that it will be an easy task, because there will be hordes of enemies. Use all the available weapon...

353 plays