Brainless Monkey Rampage

Brainless Monkey Rampage

Shooter Max

Shooter Max
Seascape Seascape

Published on 20, 2019


Seascape - Scuba diving in 3D!

Great news! A new Horror escape game created by ENA games is coming and it is free! This time your need to help a poor boy to get out. He was sailing, when something happened to his boat. Now it is useless and the boy can't continue his way. Help the...

Horror escape
534 plays

The visitor massacre is an exciting online flash game, in which you play as a little alien slug. And your task is to rain death and destruction on this little campground. You can eat different creatures in order to become more big, powerful and open ...

498 plays

In Vilesteel you are the only one, who can save all the population of Prounteril from evil forces. Do your best, if you want to become a new hero. Good luck!...

535 plays

Do you like bats? We suppose that your answer is NO!? Then, this game is right for you! Nobody likes these disgusting and annoying night creatures. Take your sniper rifle and scope the bats out. Shoot the bats until the last one will be killed. Enjoy...

Bats Sniper
270 plays

Do you like horrors? If your answer is yes, it will be an excellent chance for you to test your knowledge about them. Your task is to find a lot of characters from different horrors. Find and just click on them. Good luck!...

264 plays

Do you like Mahjong online flash games? If your answer is yes, then you must try this brand new online flash game, in which you must use all your skills in order to pass all the levels. The rules are the same as in any other mahjong online flash game...

Mahjong in the Garden
1566 plays

Are you fond of fishing? If your answer is yes, then click "Play", because this game is right for you! Start the engine in your speedboat and try to catch all the fish in this amazing seaside area. Good luck!...

Blow Fishing
1210 plays

This is an exciting game with real investigation. As you have understood, you play as investigator. The crime has happened in a deep deep night and something really terrible had happened there. Your task is to use all your knowledge and skills in ord...

421 plays