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Panda Honey Adventures
Saving Little Alien Saving Little Alien

Published on 28, 2017


Have an amazing time saving little aliens at the unknown planet with the brand new Saving Little Alien online game! Aliens lived in peace until the invaders came and started to eterminate them. In order to survive, the aliens activated the magic pen that could protect them from evil attacks. Your task is to help poor creatures by drawing with the help of the mouse. Draw and protect these cuties! Good luck!

Though you have won in the first attack, you cannot be sure that all great countries are under your dominance. There are plenty that oppose you. If you want to be the best, than you have to conquer them all! In Ultimate Canon Strike 2, your tank will...

Ultimate Canon Strike 2
120 plays

Dangerous and angry monsters have infested your city and you have to give out all of your strength to rescue it. Can you do that?...

Decision 2
179 plays

Balloon Shoot fun is a ridiculous online flash game, in which your aim is to shoot all the balloons. Pay attention to the fact that your time is limited, so you must do your best in order to set a new highscore before the time runs out. You must know...

Balloon Shoot Fun
82 plays

In Doodle Brigade your task is to save the brigade from bloody zombies and other monsters. Upgrade your brigade, plant bombs and build walls to stop enemies. Have fun!...

Doodle Brigade
105 plays

Try our brand new exciting online flash game called City Sky Typing. In this game you must save the world from falling asteroids and bombs. Pay attention to the fact that you can improve your typing skills, because you must type the world as fast as ...

City Sky Typing
92 plays

Demolition Inc. has hired you for 30 days of work and your objective is to fulfill daily routine duties, if you wish to remain at work. To do that, you have to finish the month with bigger amounts of money than the other workers. Have luck!...

Demolition Inc.
5 plays

There are a lot of enemies all around you. Therefore, get your gun and shoot them down! Come on and enjoy the 4th chapter of the favorite series!...

2112 Cooperation Chapter 4
116 plays

The pirates out at sea are at war! Take out the Gung Ho Pirates in as fewer shots as possible.The pirates out at sea are at war! Take out the Gung Ho Pirates in as fewer shots as possible. The pirates out at sea are at war!...

Gung Ho Pirates
139 plays