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Panda Honey Adventures

Panda Honey Adventures
Saving Little Alien Saving Little Alien

Published on 19, 2017


Have an amazing time saving little aliens at the unknown planet with the brand new Saving Little Alien online game! Aliens lived in peace until the invaders came and started to eterminate them. In order to survive, the aliens activated the magic pen that could protect them from evil attacks. Your task is to help poor creatures by drawing with the help of the mouse. Draw and protect these cuties! Good luck!

We are glad to present you this brand new third part of the famous online shooter called Stick Squad. You must use all your shooting skills in order to pass 20 main missions and near 60 objectives. Pay attention to various brand new locations with ex...

Stick Squad 3
102 plays

Wheels and Zombies is an easy but cool online game, in which you will have to compete with zombies. Race and fight with them in order to win the game! Do your best to earn points! Collect and spend them on various upgrades for your car! Have fun! ...

Wheels and Zombies
107 plays

What a ridiculous and funny game! Mr. Boomba makes an attemp to get rid of the fly from an urinal. While he is busy, urine for a treat. Hurry up, the time is limited. Do your best to set a new high score! Enjoy the game!...

Mr. Boomba Episode 1 - The Fly
113 plays

Welcome another captivating shooter, which is called Killing Team. You are an elite warrior who acts under cover. You will have to show your best fighting skills to overcome all terrorists. Use your weapons and intellect to manage all the tasks. Your...

Killing Team
112 plays

Test your hand and eye coordination with Skeet Shooters game! You have to shoot targets, which are appearing on your screen. Use all your shooting skills, speed and dexterity to set a new high score. The amount of targets will increse with every leve...

Skeet Shooter
128 plays

The Rambo Bros - Save princess peach! ...

The Rambo Bros
179 plays

The whole summer you have collected and stocked hundreds of acorns and nuts for winter period. Now lazy and hungry zombies and monsters want to eat them! Don't let them steal your food! Kills the evil creatures to protect your piles of acorns and nut...

Defend Your Nuts
167 plays

Fulfilling risky tasks is pilot’s objective. He never calls commander’s orders in question. This time he’s performing a serious mission no one is to know of. Will he defend the plane this time? Or will he destroy ships? Regardless of the task, ...

Clear Skies Elite WW III
146 plays