Board of Pucca

Board of Pucca

Traffic Hazard

Traffic Hazard
Save the Sheriff Save the Sheriff

Published on Oct 16, 2018


Though sheriffs serve in a highly professional way, they sometimes need assistance. Your character becomes a sheriff’s helping hand to oppose foes and kill all enemies that are coming nearer. You are never alone in this game: use effective tips, stick to main rules and survive. The town and its dwellers are to be saved. Accept the need to protect the place and agree on one thing: in unstable or unpredictable times heroes should unite.

SteamBirds: Survival is an exciting online flash game, in which your aim is to stay alive as long as possible. Your task is to defend millions of London citizens. Try to evacuate them all. Good luck!...

SteamBirds: Survival
262 plays

Seedz is a brand new amazing tower defense online flash game, in which you must use all your skills in order to defeat all the enemies. The story is that evil fruits are attacking and you must stop them in any matter. So, use all your vegetable seeds...

533 plays

An exciting online flash game in which you should use all your logic and thinking skills in order to pass the game. Your task is to hang different items on the hanger and try to make a balance. Enjoy the game!...

758 plays

Spitter is a funny and cool online flash game. Your task is very simple! You must train your character by collecting dirty socks. You will find them in every room and even on the backyard. Have fun with Spitter!...

726 plays

One more game from the truck loader online flash game series! This time you will be satisfied with new graphics, levels and puzzles that you must solve. So don’t wait anymore and start moving that crates! Have a blast!...

5 plays

Nan Creatures Extended is the modified and improved version from the Nan Creatures series. In this game you get a wide variety of cool creatures to choose from. Pick the one you like the most and train it to become number one fighter. Teach it differ...

Nan Creatures Extended
213 plays

Great news for the fans of the puzzle adventure online games! In the brand new Bowja The Ninja 2 Abura a.k.a. BIGMAN has decided to steal a dangerous missile and to use it on innocent people. He wants them to meet his demands. Your objective is to ge...

Bowja The Ninja 2
416 plays

Try out your business skills with Tropical Ice Tycoon! Open the townmap and explore all 5 regions ( school, mal, beach, workplace, factory). You have your own kitchen, where you can make a recipe from various ingredients. Choose the environment you l...

Tropical Ice Tycoon
616 plays