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Board of Pucca

Traffic Hazard

Traffic Hazard
Save the Sheriff Save the Sheriff

Published on Dec 17, 2018


Though sheriffs serve in a highly professional way, they sometimes need assistance. Your character becomes a sheriff’s helping hand to oppose foes and kill all enemies that are coming nearer. You are never alone in this game: use effective tips, stick to main rules and survive. The town and its dwellers are to be saved. Accept the need to protect the place and agree on one thing: in unstable or unpredictable times heroes should unite.

You are a great ninja and are capable for brave deeds. Use your battle skills and save your queens from the dungeons. Find the ways out, escape killing objects and get out of each level safely. Your ninja character is very funny and can open the trig...

Ninja Salvager
11 plays

We are glad to present you a brand new amazing online flash game called Pirates vs Undead. In this game you play on the Pirates` side and you need to help them to find the hidden treasures. Be careful, a lot of undead want to stop. So, destroy everyo...

Pirates vs Undead
233 plays

Demonstrate and master your driving skills and reflexes with the amazing Funny Rider game! Your road is full of obstacles, traps and spikes. Be careful and alert! Keep an eye on the road not to get crashed and not to lose the game. Try to pass the ga...

Funny Rider
687 plays

The War Cry is an amazing strategy online flash game, which is very similar to the famous game called Warcraft. In this game you must hire miners to collect gold, train warriors and invest in upgrades and magic. Then, you must use all your tactical s...

The War Cry
263 plays

Try this brand new version of Terraguardian. Your task is to control the wee tank. Kill all the birds in the sky. By the way, you need not only to get rid of the birds, but also you have to destroy all the flying plans. Be alert, because the planes w...

TerraGuardian 2
525 plays

Cake Pirate is a brand new tower defense online flash game. The story is that your cakes are world famous and this greedy pirate has come to steal them all. So, you must use all your strategical skills in order to stop him. Try to settle all the turr...

Cake Pirate
684 plays

This is the beginning of 22nd century. The gene experiments have taken place and something has gone wrong. By a great mistake, there have appeared great troubles. Evil and bloody monsters are now killing every man and woman they meet. The time has co...

1312 plays

Oh no! Poor innocent birds are in a trap. You can help them. Will you? They all are located in a magic city and in different cages. Try to help them. These good angry birds have not done so many bad things and do not deserve such treatment. Rescue th...

Angry Birds Rio Online
696 plays