Madness Death Wish

Madness Death Wish

Miniboat Racers

Miniboat Racers
Run Ninja Run 2 Run Ninja Run 2
Run Ninja Run 2

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Published on 23, 2017


Run Ninja Run again! That's right ... we've brought back this intense game of skill and reflexes. This time with 14 new mind bending levels, new skills new interactive objects to use, new obstacles to avoid and new stylish moves. Prepare yourself for an action ride and try to beat all levels.

In this game, you will have to drive quickly and smartly to find a parking area in this huge city. Come on! The fun is so near!...

City Parking
103 plays

Sim Rescue is an amazing online flash game, which gives you a possibility to try yourself as a real helicopter pilot. Your helicopter is at once fire and rescue helicopter. And your task is to save the citizens from various diseases. To do it, you m...

Sim Rescue
100 plays

Become the almighty hand journeying from one village to the next one and plunder the inhabitants. Be sure that every action will have its consequences. It’s up to you to choose whether to become a pacifist or to go quite another way. Start this thi...

121 plays

Meet a cool and exciting game in which you should use all your accuracy and smartness, if you want to win. Your task is to find the same stones in the dark space. Collect stones of the same color. Beware of other cloud stones, if you want to be safe....

125 plays

Do you like challenges? If “yes”, then you should try your luck and skills in the exiting game. Enjoy it!...

I Dont Even Know
138 plays

Nobody will get surprised with the classical pong game, but with the Sea Pong online game you will! This game contains some amazing extra features. You will play as an octopus, who has a competition with another octopus. Your main goal is to make the...

Sea Pong
109 plays

Have you ever dreamt of being a knight of a certain kingdom? Then, you are lucky to find this game. Help your allies to defeat enemies. Don’t forget to upgrade your character. Pass all the level and become a king! Good luck, your future Majesty!...

A Saviors Tale
137 plays

You were watching TV, when something terrible happened! There was a error in the mainframe caused by a bug. The TV turned into a evil one and stole your robot friends. You have to help your friends to get out of cages. Complete different tasks and s...

129 plays