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Modern Tactics 2

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Diego Adventure
Rubic Cube Rubic Cube
Rubic Cube

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Published on 20, 2019


Have you tried to solve a rubic cube in your childhood? Have you managed to do it? With a Rubic Cube flash game you can make your childish dreams come true! The rules are simple! You need to turn the parts of the cube until the puzzle is solved. Use your mouse to play the game! Just do it! Good luck!

We are glad to present you the second part of the famous adventure online flash game called Diamond Hunt. This part is called the Lonely Island and this time is the 70th game from As in the previous part you play a role of a boy called M...

Diamond Hunt 2 Lonely Island
799 plays

Bunny Bloony is a ridiculous online flash game, which you can play even with your friend on one computer. In this game there is a competition between two cute bunnies. Which one will be able to make the biggest bubble first? Try yourself in more than...

1097 plays

WRRRMZ is an outstanding online game, which will allow you spending your time with uttermost pleasure. Your task is to guide the worm around the mushrooms and reach the greatest length in the area of the hole. There are multiple ways of gaining that ...

4 plays

Do you like tower defense online flash games? If your answer is yes, then you must try this brand new game called Attack of the Cake Monsters. As you have understood, you must use all your tactical skills in order to stop all the greedy cake monster...

Attack of the Cake Munchers
1842 plays

These dastardly pandas are back. No, they are not as sweet and cute as you think. They are the ones, who destroyed your last art scupture. You have to take revenge and show them who is the boss here. You have a great arsenal of five different and uni...

Cry Panda Cry
444 plays

Have a great fun with the cool Bamblox online game! Your task is quite easy, but funny! You have to shatter the blue blocks by clicking on them and at the same time you need to keep the red blocks from falling off the map. Sounds exciting, doesn't it...

1289 plays

Do you remember the famous old school online flash game called Runes of Shalak? If your answer is yes, then you for sure must try this brand new virtual version of it. Your objective is the same as in the classical version. It mean that you must run ...

Runes Of Shalak
1103 plays

Marblet is a very simple but addictive to play online flash game. Your objective is very simple: you must steer the ball around the maze using the arrow keys without falling off the edge. But don’t think that it will be an easy task, because there ...

275 plays