Fireman Incoming Storm

Fireman Incoming Storm

Megaman Vs Ghosts n Goblins

Megaman Vs Ghosts n Goblins
Rock Paper Scissors Rock Paper Scissors
Rock Paper Scissors

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Published on Dec 12, 2017


Do you know the famous real life game called Rock Paper Scissors? If your answer is yes, than you for sure must try this brand new virtual version of it. Press “begin” in order to start the level. An Al will be your opponent. Pay attention to the fact that you can choose the difficulty mode between easy, medium and hard. Your objective is to win three matches in order to be the winner. You may choose and re-choose your throw at any time during the countdown. If you do not make a choice before the count-down ends, you will default to "Rock". Have fun!

Try our brand new exciting skill-based online flash game called Painter Madness. Your objective in this game is to get a bucket of paint to the painter working on the lower floor of a construction site. You have to get the bucket through the gaps in ...

Painter Madness
282 plays

We are glad to present one more exciting 3 match online flash game called Match the Bugz. Your objective is the same in any other matching online flash game. You must find and match a group of the same colored bugs in order to make them disappear. Pa...

Match The Bugz
146 plays

Sit back and relax with this colourful spot-the-difference game, a beautiful rendition of one of the most classic past times right on your computer screen! Follow Ducky the Duckling through his adventure while spotting the differences in two seemingl...

Ducklings Adventure
316 plays

What a funny and ridiculous game! You play a role of the statue with a rifle. Get the revenge on the flying demons, the birds, who are contantly pooing on you and other ancient statues. Kill birds and earn money! Remember to upgrade your statue and w...

Damn Birds 2
167 plays

This is the sequel of the world famous online flash game called Sneaky Ranch Day. The story continues! You have got things fixed up in the previous part. In this part you must finish a lot of other various quests. Be fast and complete them before you...

Sneaky Ranch Day 2
190 plays

These naughty monkeys want to steal your bananas. Prevent them from doing so and prove that you are the only owner of the sweet fruit. Take your rifle and shoot these bastards! Earn points and spend them on upgrading your weapon for better monkey hun...

Jungle Defender
185 plays

Play basketball alone or with your friend. Do everything to avoid your opponent`s victory....

Hard Court
200 plays

Wonderful news for the gold fans! Wonderputt is a great combination of golf and various fantastic elements! Be ready to meet aliens, ski, slopes and even torpedos! Have fun! ...

185 plays