Fireman Incoming Storm

Fireman Incoming Storm

Megaman Vs Ghosts n Goblins

Megaman Vs Ghosts n Goblins
Rock Paper Scissors Rock Paper Scissors
Rock Paper Scissors

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Published on Oct 15, 2018


Do you know the famous real life game called Rock Paper Scissors? If your answer is yes, than you for sure must try this brand new virtual version of it. Press “begin” in order to start the level. An Al will be your opponent. Pay attention to the fact that you can choose the difficulty mode between easy, medium and hard. Your objective is to win three matches in order to be the winner. You may choose and re-choose your throw at any time during the countdown. If you do not make a choice before the count-down ends, you will default to "Rock". Have fun!

Blaine series are famous for their cute and lovely character Blaine! This time you have to go on adventures together with him. Help Blaine to collect his bow ties and get points for that. By the way, the amount of points you get depends on the colour...

The Blaine Game
438 plays

Five Camping Tips is a breathtaking and awesome adventure online game, in which you get an opportunity to visit the wild nature and look for various cool things in the camp. Enjoy the game! ...

501 plays

Meet an exciting and addictive Jumping Long game! Your objective is run down the long runway and to jump into the sand pit. Jump, when you reach the scratch line! Earn points and spend them on various upgrades! Press and hold spacebar to start the sp...

Jumping Long
502 plays

Rugger Bugger is a funny game, in which you play a role of a naked football fan. You enjoy running all over the field during match. Avoid players and try to stay on the field as long as possible! Your main aim is to reach the other side of the footba...

Rugger Bugger
219 plays

This nice and poor baby has a real nightmare! His toys became evil and they wish to do something bad to him. You ought to react faster and get those toys out! Advance your ammo and use the grenades to succeed....

Nightmare Run
238 plays

Choose any character from you favorite cartoon Sponge Bob Square Pants. The rules are quite simple: kills the enemies and don`t get into trouble....

Sponge Bob SquarePants Boo or Boom
227 plays

The IG of Albert Einstein is approximetly 160-190. Do you consider yourself to be smart and clever? Then, check your IQ out with IQ Test! All in all, there 39 questions. Each question has 8 variants, only of them is right. Use your brains and try to ...

IQ Test
593 plays

Among all kinds of travels, a journey through an open space is the most exciting. In this game, you will receive such a splendid opportunity to explore other plants of another solar system. Isn’t that great? You will have different objectives and a...

Space Crane Parking
238 plays