Luchador Cannon Blast

Luchador Cannon Blast

Brain Dead Test

Brain Dead Test
RetroMash RetroMash

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Published on Dec 15, 2018


RetroMash is a brand new online flash game, which is a great mix of match and Tetris online flash games. Kill the space invaders using the Tetris blocks as fast as you can for as long as you can! Your objective is to place the Tetris blocks on the invaders to make them disappear. Pay attention to the fact that you will lose, if the invaders reach the bottom of the game board. Have fun!

Your task in our brand new Color Cleaner flash game is to destroy different blocks in order to make red one fall on the platform. Be careful, avoid falling them out from the screen. In the hacked version all the levels are available for you from the ...

Glasser Hacked
422 plays

Boom Pirates is a captivating online flash game full of different challenging tasks. Your objective is to plant bombs near the pirates and blast them from the islands. Pay attention that number of bombs is limited in every level. You can also switch ...

Boom Pirates
234 plays

Football Stars World Cup it's a brand new football game where you take place in the world's ultimate tournament in front of a passionate crowd eager for victory. You have to face all big football stars as you make your way through the competition and...

Football Stars World Cup
311 plays

Go on fantastic adventures together with the brand new Doraemon Star Adventure online puzzle game! Your objective is to get and collect all the stars. Do everything possible not to get killed by the enemies, get stuck or smashed. Don't leave Doraemon...

Doraemon Star Adventure
265 plays

In this challenging Avalanche game you have to demonstrate all your skills! Your task is to rescue our character from the avalanche. Moreover, you need to collect coins to get the maximum amount of points. Be careful and alert, because the stones are...

1788 plays

This very game can be possibly very helpful for many people who hate some celebrities and wish to let the steam out. Participate in the boxing tournament and punch them as hard as you wish....

The Brawl 2 Nicki Minaj
1744 plays

Orangutans Great Escape is an exciting adventure online flash game. This game is a story about two orangutans, which have got tired from siting in the cage. As you have understood, they have got out from their cages and now you must help them reach j...

Orangutans Great Escape
234 plays

This is a funny game from Super Mario series. You task is to put wooden boxes on the board and to control the balance. Avoid overweighting on any side of the board. The more boxes you load, the more score you get!...

mario logs1
1319 plays