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Bollywood Police

Bollywood Police
Regular Show Rescue Modercai Regular Show Rescue Modercai
Regular Show Rescue Modercai

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Published on Nov 20, 2017


Regular Show Rescue Modercai is a brand new game with your favorite characters Mordekai and Rigby. The angry monster has caught Mordekai and has locked him somewhere in the building. Your task is to help Ridby to find and save his best friend. Defeat all the evil enemies on your way to pass the level. Click "Start" and save Mordecai! He definitely needs your help!

Pirates vs Ninjas - Quite difficult sidescroller, where you can fight as a ninja and a pirate. Be careful, one stab and its game over! ...

Pirates vs Ninjas
195 plays

In this game, you have to be silent and watchful, so that the enemy could not spot you. Sneak through all the impediments, hide and disguise and destruct the weapon supplies of your rivals....

Undercover Ops
197 plays

There are good pirates too. Moreover! You are a space pirate! You should fight for the independency of the Planet of Pandas against Bears. Another aim is to find scared crystals. Improve your spaceship and conquer all bosses. Have fun!...

194 plays

Fly and Blast is a funny arcade flash game, in which you must use all your shooting skills in order to take down dangerous alien ship. Enjoy!...

Fly & Blast
180 plays

This is a brand new online flash game made after famous film. You play as a transformer and your task is to protect your mine from the Decepticons. Try to do it as long as possible. Watch out! You will lose, if they steal 100 units of Energon. So, ch...

897 plays

Do you like a popular and famous film called Terminator? If your answer is yes, than this game is really for you, because the main hero is half man and half machine called Ironer B. Your task is to help Ironer B to defeat all the robots from the evil...

Ironer B
178 plays

We are glad to present you the next part of the famous exciting online flash game called Orb Avoidance. You can play this game only with your mouse. Your objective is to avoid orbs, because you will lose, if they reach you. Also, you will lose, if yo...

Orb Avoidance 2
128 plays

Halloween MDX is a great combination of block collapse, bubble shooter and tetris in one flash game. But don’t think that it is easy to play, because you have quite a difficult task. You must clear the board by combining at least 3 adjacent pieces ...

Halloween MDX
157 plays