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Red Plane 2

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Published on Nov 20, 2017


We are glad to present you the brand new second part of the famous skill-based online flash game called Red Plane. In this game you play a role of a pilot of a battle playing. Your objective is very simple. You must use all your skills in order to destroy all the enemy units and bosses one by one. Don’t think that it will be an easy task, because they will do everything they can in order to destroy your plane. That is why you must spend all your earned money in the shop on various upgrades. Also, you must pick-up all the power-ups on your way in order to increase your chances on winning. Have fun!

You are a peaceful alien from planet Zethra. Your mission on Earth is to make people stop killing each other and to teach them to live in peace and harmony. After years of studying human psychology and physiology, your nation has created a device tha...

From Space With Love
143 plays

Indestracto Tank is a brand new exciting tank simulator. Pay attention to the fact that only this simulator is a wide-screen one. There are a lot of weapons in this game. You can even use the Nuke to clear your way. There are several game modes, from...

152 plays

In this amazing game you have get an amazing opportunity to control powerful hero Fast. Your task is to run through this stormy planet. Beware of different obstacles and monsters. Try to reach finish as fast as possible. Have fun!...

5 plays

Demonstrate all your driving skills in the next part of Potty Racers! Meet all the requirements to pass the level. Get points and money for the height, distance, tricks and landing. Spend the money you get on upgrading your car and you will have even...

Potty Racers 3
170 plays

If you are fond of strategic online games, then this one is right for you! In the F16 Attack game you get a special mission and you have to attck the lines of enemies. Use your F16 Fighter plane to get there! Play hard and destroy theplanes, helicope...

303 plays

There are 10 different missions to be completed. Each successful task is your path to the finale. Wipe out the Dark Lord’s army. Use special weapons and upgrade to become stronger and skillful....

Blade Striker
196 plays

Have you ever flown in the plane? With this exciting Plane Loopy flash game you get such an opportunity! The story is that you have stolen an amazing stunt plane. The problem is that authorities will try to stop you. So, you objective is to demonstra...

Plane Loopy
188 plays

This is the sequel of the famous online parking flash game called Aircraft Parking. Your task is to park this taxi car within the minimum time. Beware of other cars and obstacles. The faster you park it, the more points you earn. Try to pass all the ...

Aircraft Parking 2
166 plays