Charles 007 2 Smiley Version

Charles 007 2 Smiley Version

Agent B10 3

Agent B10 3
Rasta Gran Rasta Gran
Rasta Gran

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Published on 22, 2017


The streets have got out of control. Help Rasta Gran clean up the streets and teach those thugs a lesson. Collect all the weed and reach the police helicopter to complete the level.

Playing Hapland is not that easy! You’ll need all your skills & strength to solve puzzles. Use them to find the way out. Be cautious not to kill people while trying to light torches or open the portal. Use icons that are on walls. There are items t...

179 plays

Fantastic news for puzzle lovers! In Logging Truck Jigsaw your task is to make a nice and complete picture out of its pieces. This time you get a picture of the cool truck. There are two modes available (jigsaw and sliding). In the jigsaw mode you ha...

Logging Truck Jigsaw
129 plays

Belly Flop Hero is a ridiculous game, in which your task is to eat as much as possible! But it is not all. After you become as fat as an elephant, jump into the water and create the biggest splash ever! Laugh and have fun!...

Belly Flop Hero
130 plays

Premier League Emblems is an amazing online memory flash game for real football fans. This game gives a great possibility to test your knowledge of football emblems. Your task is to open picture, remember it and then find exactly the same picture. Wh...

Premier League Emblems
103 plays

Have you ever tried to cook home-made ice-cream? In this sweet and exciting game you will get such an opportunity! ІSara will show you how to do it and will teach you how to cook the best and the most delicious strawberry ice cream. First, she will ...

Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream
3 plays

We are glad to present the second part of the famous online flash game called Match Collapse. As you know, your task is to match at least two similar colored blocks to make them blast. Pay attention to the fact that the bigger group of blocks you bla...

Match 2 Collapse
95 plays

Do you like detective stories? Do you think that you can become a fine investigator? Try this game and try to find out all the circumstances of a crime. Become Sherlock Holmes of your time and use the power of your intellect at full. Have fun and ama...

Murder on the Set
127 plays

OMG Doors is an exciting puzzle-based online flash game. Your task is to use all your puzzle solving skills in order to open all the doors. Good luck! ...

OMG Doors
99 plays