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Effin' Terrorists 2

Effin' Terrorists 2
Randy's Empire Randy's Empire

Published on 25, 2018


Randy is free from prison, and he's back to his villainous deeds, becoming a top dog of the criminal underworld. But his position is jeopardised when a bunch of thugs break into his headquarters and try to take him down. Help Randy escape their clutches and find out who's behind this attempted assassination!

Great news for the fans of the Blosics online game! Meet a special edition, which contains a lot of new challenging levels and tasks. Your task is to get the target number of points by knocking green blocks of the screen. Use the balls of different s...

Blosics 2 Level Pack
489 plays

Burger Tycoon is a brand new amazing online flash game, in which you must use all your skills in order to build your own burger Empire. Grow seeds and cows in order to make burgers and then sale them in your fast food restaurants. Try to earn as much...

Burger Tycoon
372 plays

Get as much money as you can in the captivating and addictive Arms Dealer 2 online game! In this game you play as a dealer, who trades weapons. Your task is to travel around the world and make business. Do everything you need: buy passports, fly all ...

Arms Dealer 2
396 plays

High School Slacking is a ridiculous online flash game, in which you play a role of a school girl. The story is that Sarah wants slacking, but her teacher is too boring. So, help Sarah to have fun but try to avoidyour teacher. You will lose, if he c...

High School Slacking
400 plays

Do you like tennis? If your anser is yes, then this game is really for you. Take part in the world famous championship. Use all your skills in order to prove that you are the best tennis player. Have fun!...

445 plays

Colony Planet is an exciting and very addictive to play tower defense online flash game. The story is that the resources on planet Earth are running out and humanity has real problems. You play as a commander of a space crew. Luckily, your crew has d...

Colony Planet
323 plays

Meet another fascinating war game! Are you still not tired of wars and fighting for victories? If you are still fit, then you should begin this great game right now! Have luck!...

Army of War 2
390 plays

Test your skills of a great commander in Stalingrad 2. You will have to fight back all the attacks of the enemy. Get sufficient resources to support your base with defenders and watchers. Use factories to get more income and build afterwards war-fact...

Stalingrad 2
490 plays