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Effin' Terrorists 2

Effin' Terrorists 2
Randy's Empire Randy's Empire

Published on Nov 24, 2017


Randy is free from prison, and he's back to his villainous deeds, becoming a top dog of the criminal underworld. But his position is jeopardised when a bunch of thugs break into his headquarters and try to take him down. Help Randy escape their clutches and find out who's behind this attempted assassination!

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a sportsman manager? Then this exciting game from GaHe.com developer is right for you! Your task is to make your boxer the world champion. Train him, choose the most prestige fights and send your boxer to the ring to ...

Ringside Hero
172 plays

Meet an awesome old-school Aztec God game! Try yourself in the role of the superpowerful God, who wants to bring his religion to the people. First, you have to create a plain area. That's where your followers will live and build solemn templates in y...

Aztec God Game
176 plays

The sucking of blood out of the victims is utterly essential for any vampire. You have to teach these skills perfectly. Navigate your teeth as a real master!...

Vampire Skills
145 plays

Reclaim a city from the zombie hordes while managing supplies, housing and morale. Featuring new buildings, plotlines, characters, customizable survivors with skills and equipment, new & improved art and all new hidden endings to discover. ...

Rebuild 2
162 plays

In the strategy defense game Battle Gear you can prove your battlefield skills. Send out your army to defeat the enemies and conquer all the land. ...

Battle Gear
152 plays

Far, far away in the space there exists another world called Tadpole. Its inhabitants, evil and bloody aliens have decided to take under control our dear planet. They have only that goal. Your objective is to prevent that. Summon your courage and ski...

Defense of World UFO
150 plays

Penguin Dinner is an exciting online flash game, in which you can test all your business skills. You play as a Penny The Penguin and your task is to serve as many penguins as possible. Pay attention to the fact that the more happy customers you serve...

Penguin Diner
167 plays

Be ready to demonstrate your building skills and enthusiasm in the amazing and cool Vuilding Rush 2 online game! You play as the head of the bulding company and you are in charge of manufacturing and delivery of the various building materials all aro...

179 plays