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Rage Racer

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Seized Flies
Rage Truck 2 Rage Truck 2
Rage Truck 2

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Published on Nov 16, 2017


Rage Truck 2 is a racing game. Great game for great players. Enjoy this game where you drive a powerful SUV car with which you can destroy everything in its path. Pay attention to scroll without tipping the truck. Crush cars and run over anyone who gets in your way. Drive through the city releasing their fury in this racing game! Be ready to crush everything by rage truck.


Harvest Ranch is a very simple but exciting game for animal lovers! Your task is to feed all the animals on this huge ranch. So, choose the food item and shoot it from the cannon. Have fun!...

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Oh, no! Wicked snowmen mutants have started their onset on your native town! You have a powerful arsenal, your fighting skills and truth at your side. Use them and prevail!...

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This game is all about great action! You can destruct the buildings and your car. This is an incredible chance to accept great challenge and go as crazy as you wish. Compete against your friends and impress them with your amazing capabilities. Come o...

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The Skullhead is an awesome and ridiculous game full of fun. Your objective is to control the skull kid and destroy everything what stands on your way. Enjoy the game!...

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Help Adam to find the Paradise and to meet Eve. Use your mouse to point and click causing a chain of actions and reactions. ...

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In this online flash game you are the last chance for people, who have lost their puppies. All you have are the pictures that people shot to you. So, you must use all your detective skills in order to find them as quick as possible. Pay attention to ...

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