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Excite Bike
Pinball Smash Up Pinball Smash Up
Pinball Smash Up

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Published on 23, 2017


We have good news for all the Pinball game fans. Try our brand new online flash game called Pinball Smash Up. Your objective is to get as many score points as possible. Pay attention to the fact that you have only three balls and it will be a game over for you, if you lose them all. You can slow time down by pressing space bar. Use your mouse to control the bounds. Have fun!

Become a national hero and save the people from the enormous white shark in the captivating and amazing Shark Attack online game! Complete your mission using the sailboat and rescue the people that are overboard. Do your best, maneuveryour sailboat a...

Shark Attack
142 plays

An amazing game, in which you can test your reaction and baseball skills. Help this funny cat to win this game!...

Flash Baseball
150 plays

In Epic Rail you have to get control over the train network system. You have to help the trains get to their places of destination. You can do it by clicking on the glowing junctions and changing the direction of the train. You get the maximim amount...

Epic Rail
154 plays

Play Rango the chameleon as he struggles to find a path through the wild west. ...

138 plays

The story is that there has been a lost secret map about Incas. An archeologist girl has found it and shown to her adventurer father. They decided to travel to the pyramid and search for treasures. The way is filled with surprises, challenges, puzzle...

Inca Adventure
113 plays

Crazy Cubes is a brand new amazing puzzle-based online flash game, in which you must use all your logical and drawing skills. Your objective in this game is to connect the 2 colored cubes by drawing a path between them using your mouse. Pay attention...

Crazy Cubes
134 plays

Pick the items that shadow shape and win. Everything is simple on the paper, but not in reality. Try it and you will understand that. ...

Tigger's Shadow Shape
149 plays

3 Foot Ninja I - The Lost Scrolls - Your quest is to find the 5 lost scrolls of the elders. It will be a dangerous path with many enemies and obstacles so keep your wits about you... and keep your sword handy. ...

3 Foot Ninja I - The Lost Scrolls
118 plays