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Ducklings Adventure

Ducklings Adventure
Pick and Dig 2 Pick and Dig 2
Pick and Dig 2

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Published on 18, 2018


Pick and Dig is back, and there's loads more to do in this side-scrolling action puzzle, you have to pick through rock walls and dig through the earth to complete each stage. Grab ladders to climb over spaces. Every item you have can only be used once, so use your resources (and your environment) carefully! You'll really have to think ahead and use everything you can to your advantage if you want to get out of all the mazes!


Golden Scarabaeus is a new puzzled online flash game. Your task is to collect all the Scarabaeus. To complete this task, just click on the blocks to reverse gravity, make them jump and even change their shape. Use lasers in order to pull blocks. Be c...

214 plays

Christmas is coming and its atmosphere is everywhere. In this lovely Gifts Pusher online game you have to put the Chritmas gifts on their places. You can use the objects you can find as, for example, books, bats, golf clubs, boxes and even hats! Use ...

207 plays

Do you like Mahjong online flash games? If your answer is yes, then you must try our classic Mahjong Master online flash game. The rules are the same as in any Mahjong game. Your objective is to remove all the playing tiles in the fastest time, while...

Mahjong Master
302 plays

Play with the Stickman and help him to succeed. You will have to face multiple impediments. Nevertheless, this will be funny. Use arrow keys to secure control. You can even roll to cross the roads. Enjoy it at full!...

Stickman Death Trip
208 plays

Rodent Tree Jump is a ridiculous online flash game, in which you play as a squirrel. In this game you compete with other squirrels in jumping. Your task is to land as close as possible to the target. Also, you can earn more score points by collecting...

Rodent Tree Jump
175 plays

Try this brand new exciting racing online flash game called Crazy racing. Use all your driving skills in order to win on these shaky roads. Be careful, avoid hitting with your adversaries, because you will lose and will be needed to start the level a...

308 plays

Wonderful news for the gold fans! Wonderputt is a great combination of golf and various fantastic elements! Be ready to meet aliens, ski, slopes and even torpedos! Have fun! ...

274 plays

Meet a fantastic and captivating Tastes and Tales adventure online game! Now you are in the kitchen and you have to find new various objects! Do your best and set a new high score! Good luck! ...

280 plays