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Ducklings Adventure
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Pick and Dig 2

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Published on 18, 2019


Pick and Dig is back, and there's loads more to do in this side-scrolling action puzzle, you have to pick through rock walls and dig through the earth to complete each stage. Grab ladders to climb over spaces. Every item you have can only be used once, so use your resources (and your environment) carefully! You'll really have to think ahead and use everything you can to your advantage if you want to get out of all the mazes!


In this game, you will have to be very accurate. Your objective is to drive in a water tank and deliver water where it is needed without spilling it. The roads are uneven and dangerous. So, be patient and drive as a decent driver. Have luck!...

Water Tanker
2821 plays

Dreamer is a brand new exciting online flash game. Your task is to explore the world inside. Solve different amazing puzzles and become a lucid dreamer. But be careful, beware of dangers. Good luck!...

863 plays

Pix mania ia quite a simple, but ridiculous game! Playing it will turn into a great time spending. Your task is to control this tiny simple pixel and survive as long as possible. Collect golden and blue pixels to get more points. Red pixels are your ...

Pix Mania
4 plays

Run Ronaldo Run is an amazing game about a famous football star Ronaldo. You task is to run fast and avoid eating hamburgers and milkshakes. After every eaten product Ronaldo will run slower. Don't let him stop and lose. Good luck! ...

Run Ronaldo Run
936 plays

Feel yourself in the role of the little amoeba in the exciting and educating Amoebas online game! You have to eat amoebas of your size and smaller in order to evolve and to become a predatory amoeba. Amoebas that are bigger than you will try to eat y...

841 plays

The Heist Game is a very serious game, where you have to do a lot of dirty work. Earn upgrades and points and accomplish all the tasks with a team of professionals. Have luck!...

The Heist Game
447 plays

Try yourself in the role of Cupid in this romantic and awesome In Couples game! Your main task is to bring two lovers together. This time you have to use your magic in the relations of two cute and lovely pets. Take a delicious sausage and complete ...

823 plays

Match Kiss Love is a brand new three matching online flash game. In this game the story takes part in the magic forest, where you can find five types of different animals. One day they have come across another idea: why not to invite a new play mate ...

Match Kiss Love
1874 plays