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Paper Kid

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Published on 14, 2017


Paper Kid is a brand new exciting online flash game, in which you can try yourself as a delivery boy. Your objective in this game is to deliver all the newspapers. Use your bike to throw all the papers near each house. It for sure won`t be an easy task, because there will be a lot of obstacles on your way, such as: cars, dogs and passers. You will lose, if you miss more than 5 newspapers. Pay attention to the fact that your time is limited and you must use all your skills in order to deliver as many newspapers as you can. Good luck!

This is the third part of famous investigation online flash game! This time the crime scene takes us to another universe. Your task is to show all your detective skills and to find out what has really happened there. Good luck!...

146 plays

Riots have broken out on the streets. Use one of your police vehicles to take these criminals down. Leave NOTHING standing! Win back control of the city! Good Luck ...

Killer Trucks 2
124 plays

Oh, no! A terrible accident has happened and the world of paint creatures has been torn apart! In this funny and colourful Paintworld game your objective is to connect all the coloured blobs. To complete this task, aim and lauch paintball in each lev...

205 plays

Meet an awesome and captivating puzzle platform-based online game! In Leave Me A Clone you will create clones and solve various challenging tasks! Do everything possible to get to the end of the game using the least amount of clones. Collect at least...

Leave Me A Clone
132 plays

In this game you can demonstrate and test all your shooting skills. You wanted to try yourself as a player of 10 meters air rifle...and congratulations! You have been chosen! You task is to do your best to prove that you are the best sniper. Choose o...

Ready? Fire!
148 plays

Rabbit Rustler is a ridiculous online flash game, in which you play as a cute rabbit. But it is not an ordinary one, because he has a special device, which allows him to fly. The problem is that all his friends have been captured by the enemy forces ...

Rabbit Rustler
103 plays

Get into your awesome sport car and pass all levels. Get through eight various locations in the city and succeed. Start it straight away and you will never forget it!...

Street Race 2 Nitro
6 plays

This is a racing online flash game, in which you play a role of a racer, who is a cute dinosaur called Gizmo. Your task is to help him drive his powerful bike over all kinds of obstacles and collect as many stars as he can. Also, try to collect bones...

Gizmo Rush
219 plays