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Paper Kid

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Published on 24, 2018


Paper Kid is a brand new exciting online flash game, in which you can try yourself as a delivery boy. Your objective in this game is to deliver all the newspapers. Use your bike to throw all the papers near each house. It for sure won`t be an easy task, because there will be a lot of obstacles on your way, such as: cars, dogs and passers. You will lose, if you miss more than 5 newspapers. Pay attention to the fact that your time is limited and you must use all your skills in order to deliver as many newspapers as you can. Good luck!

We are glad to present you this brand new online flash game in which you must use all your skills in order to control two ninjas in the same time. Your objective in this game is very simple you must reach the chest at least one of them. Pay attentio...

Ninja Twins
216 plays

Ugly towers is a captivating game, where you can entertain at full. Build up the towers to their maximal height. Take into account the wind and other impediments. Though the rules of this game are simple, it does not mean that you will easily win her...

Ugly Towers
435 plays

Mini Machines is a ridiculous online racing flash game. In this game you must use all your driving skills in order to become an ultimate champion. Don’t forget to upgrade your RC in order to be the first in the finish line. Have fun! ...

Mini Machines
424 plays

Old Templar vaults are full of treasure, and you're out to get it all! Use your cannon to shoot and destroy treasure bricks, but be quick to collect the bonus coins that come out of them! Collect as many bonuses as possible, and be sure to hit all th...

Treasure Cannon
369 plays

Do you remember exciting flash game called Robot Unicorn Attack? If your answer is yes, then you will like this brand new amazing online flash game called Chainsaw Princess. You must know that this game is also available on the iTunes App Store, Amaz...

Chainsaw Princess
190 plays

Meet the sequel of the cool and popular game - Hacked Stick WAr 2 Order Empire! This variant of the game is equipped with unlimited technologies and gold. Your main goal is pretty the same: you have to take your stickman army to victory! Demonstrate ...

Hacked Stick War 2 Order Empire
341 plays

We have good news for the matching online flash game lovers. We are glad to present you one of the best matching online flash games ever. You task is usual: you must click on three or more blocks situated horizontally or vertically to make them blast...

The Royal Matching
494 plays

Nullator is an exciting arcade flash game. Your task is to control your spaceship and defeat all the enemies. Be careful, your enemies will do their best in order to destroy your spaceship. So, avoid all flying missiles at you. Collect the power-ups ...

419 plays