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Painter Madness

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Published on 23, 2017


Try our brand new exciting skill-based online flash game called Painter Madness. Your objective in this game is to get a bucket of paint to the painter working on the lower floor of a construction site. You have to get the bucket through the gaps in all the floors, all the way to the bottom. Pay attention to the fact that you will lose, if the bucket gets crashed. So you must use all your skills in order to bring it down safely. Don’t forget to pick-up various power-ups in order to get extra help and make this game funnier. Notice that power-up with a "?" sign on it as it will increase the size of the bucket and it will be more difficult to bring it down. Have fun!

One of the greatest things is a chance to play your favorite cartoons and with their main heroes. In this very game, you will play as beloved and smart Jerry the mouse. You should gather all the cheese and overcome all the rivals. Entertain as you wi...

143 plays

We are glad to present you this exciting adventure online flash game called Mr. Spilbox. As you have understood, you are Mr. Spilbox and you have a special ability to split yourself and create spilboxes. Use this ability to pass all the levels of thi...

Mr Spilbox
116 plays

Collect all the pills and keys to open the next level. Be alert and careful! Your objective is to save Mrs MadPac from terrible ghosts! ...

Mad Pac Underwater
149 plays

Wonderful news for the football fans! Meet an amazing sport Euro Soccer Stars online game, in which you get an opportunity to demonstrate your excellent football skills in a pool style. Fire your players to attack and win! Go, go, go! Good luck! ...

128 plays

We are glad to present you the next part of the famous online flash game called Quantum Patrol. It is a great fighting and shooter online flash game, in which you must use all your skills. Do your best in order to pass all 15 levels. This game has an...

Quantum Patrol 2
117 plays

Wonderful news for Material Mole fans! A new game is coming! Your objective is the same: you need to help the miner find jewels. For every completed level you will get points. To maximise earnings it is better to complete the level within timit limi...

Material Mole 3
141 plays

Do you think you are good at parking? Let's check it out and test your skills with the help of cool and challenging Parking Supercar City 2 online game! Your main goal is to drive fast cars to the predefined locations. Do your best to drive safe and ...

Parking Supercar City 2
126 plays

We are glad to present you the fourth part of the amazing Stickman Sam online flash game series. Your task is the same as in the previous three parts and it means that you must complete various training sessions and take on a range of challenging mis...

Stickman Sam 4
109 plays