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Skid MK
Packet Rush Packet Rush

Published on 16, 2018


Packet Rush is a brand new exciting flash game, in which you play as a truck driver. Your task is to deliver different items in time. You need to show all your driving skills in order to pass the game, because your time is limited. Drive fast but careful, avoid hitting with other cars and beware of the pedestrians. Pay attention to the fact that careful driving is rewarded. Complete different task and you will earn money, which you can spend on interior and exterior upgrading. Have fun!

Old TV is a ridiculous online flash game. In this game your task is to smack the TV. The problem is that this old TV works only while you are smacking it. For every smash you earn score points. Pay attention to the fact that you have a possibility to...

Old TV
587 plays

Do you think that you are good at geography? If you answer is yes, then you must for sure try yourself in our brand new online flash game called World Cities. In this game you will be asked at random where 10 cities are located within the world. Then...

World Cities Game
234 plays

Challenge and test your memory with Spiderman Memory Concentration game! Your objective to memorize the cards with the same pictures of spiderman and his friends. Then, you have to remove them by matching in pairs. Remember and match all the cards to...

spiderman memory concentration
397 plays

Nonton Kosner is a captivating game, in which you take part in a funny competition. The story is that two friends were watching a concert, but suddenly they wanted to pee. The problem is that there is only one toilet. So, run as fast as possible to w...

Nonton Konser
564 plays

Avalancher is a brand new and amazing 2D platform-based online game. In this game you can try yourself in the role of the secret agent avalancher for day and have a great fun! Your objective is take your weapons, explore the levels and eran points to...

426 plays

Four Square is an old school online flash game. Your task is to create a square from 4 blocks of your color. Pay attention to the fact that your opponent`s task is the same. So, watch out and try to avoid it. For each square you receive score points....

Four Square II
311 plays

Have fun with the amazing Dumb Ways To Die game! There is no purpose in cheating death, because you can choose the way to die. Some of them are really stupid and senseless. You can get run over by a truck, die by the sunburn and even cut with the sci...

380 plays

Paw Patrol PacMan is an amazing online flash game, in which you can play a famous 8-bit online flash game called Pacman. Your task is to collect all the dots in the maze. But be careful, there are a lot of monsters, which try to catch you. You will l...

Paw Patrol PacMan
349 plays